Graduation ceremony at The “Ship of Knowledge”

18:50 | 08/01/2018 Science - Technology

The second of HIU Graduation Ceremony 2017 took place on Jan 6, 2018.

Hong Bang International University (HIU) usually organizes 2 graduation ceremonies at Jul and Jan every year. The President of HIU, Assoc. Prof. Thai Ba Can and DCEO of NHG, Dr. Dinh Quang Nuong attended this Ceremony.

graduation ceremony at the ship of knowledge

Assoc. Prof. Thai Ba Can, the president of HIU

Hong Bang International University, founded in 1997, is fast becoming a modern and dynamic university in Hochiminh City.

Starting the Ceremony, more than 1500 Hong Bang International University graduates stand side by side inside the conference room on Saturday sang the national song together.

I would like to thank our faculty and staff for their dedication to students up to date. Congratulations to all HIU graduates, from a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and honorary recipients who received their awards today”, Assoc. Prof. Thai Ba Can said to the valedictorians.

HIU aims at international standards with student - centric, so 85% HIU graduating students have been received proper job offers from leading national companies, 100% students from Computer Science and Graphics Design Faculties had jobs since 3rd year. Some graduates plan to continue their studies at HIU.