GoBear unveils in Vietnam

16:33 | 10/12/2016 Economy

(VEN) - GoBear, Asia’s first and only comprehensive and transparent metasearch engine for insurance and banking products is now available in Vietnam. Financial comparison now made easier than ever.

GoBear Vietnam is the brand’s 6th market in Asia to offer financial product comparison that is online, easy to use, unbiased, personalized and free of charge.

Mr. Andre Hesselink, GoBear Founder and CEO and Mr Mr.Tran Nhat Khanh, GoBear Vietnam Country Director

GoBear was first launched in Singapore in 2015, since then it has extended its pawprint to other major Asian countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and now Vietnam. Not even two years into its operation, more than 4.5 million users have put their trust in GoBear when it comes to comparing insurance and banking products such as credit cards and personal loans.

As one of the fastest growing fintech startups in Asia, GoBear is leading the way in simplifying financial shopping experience which is often complicated and full of jargons.

“GoBear was formed on the idea of the need for an online tool to help users search for complex financial products in a transparent and unbiased way. The unique and powerful proposition of GoBear is that we provide a transparent overview of the market and with our personalized search and filtering functions, consumers can have a side-by-side comparison easily based on their needs. This new way of searching for financial products is new to Asia” says, Mr. Andre Hesselink, GoBear founder and Chief Executive Officer.

GoBear Vietnam launches with credit card and personal loan comparisons, comparing nearly 200 credit cards and 30 name lending facilities from a variety of 50 existing banks and finance companies in the market.

Mr.Tran Nhat Khanh, GoBear Vietnam Country Director says: “GoBear does not sell directly but instead simply offers a free and transparent comparison experience based on personalized needs. Users do not buy anything from GoBear. We display information about different credit cards and personal loans available in the market for users to easily compare and choose the ones that best fit their needs. GoBear is not influenced by service providers’ advertising and able at all times to maintain impartiality and help users save time and money”.

Nguyen Ly