south east asias gdp growth to remain at 45 percent in 2020 South-East Asia’s GDP growth to remain at 4.5 percent in 2020

19:40 | 06/12/2019 Global Economy

Economic growth across the South-East Asia (SEA) region is expected to slow from 5.1% in 2018 to 4.5% in 2019 and remain unchanged in 2020, amid high risks of a re-escalation in trade tensions, according to ICAEW’s latest Economic Update: South-East Asia report. As a result, the outlook for exports and private investment will remain challenging and continue to dampen regional GDP growth. 
indias economic growth rate has halved in just three years India's economic growth rate has halved in just three years

10:33 | 04/12/2019 Global Economy

Three years ago, India was enjoying economic growth of about 9%. Now the rate of expansion has slumped to just half that.
eu singapore fta officially comes into force EU-Singapore FTA officially comes into force

14:16 | 27/11/2019 Global Economy

The landmark free trade agreement (FTA) between the European Union (EU) and Singapore officially came into force on November 21.
global economy risks extended period of low growth oecd warns Global economy risks extended period of low growth, OECD warns

14:42 | 25/11/2019 Global Economy

The world economy risks entering an extended period of low-growth if nations do not take urgent action to address myriad factors, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said Thursday.
uae egypt launch 20 billion usd strategic investment platform UAE, Egypt launch 20-billion-USD strategic investment platform

11:28 | 20/11/2019 Global Economy

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt on November 14th launched a joint strategic investment platform worth 20 billion USD, official news agency WAM reported.
chile protests hundreds of thousands take part as peso hits record low Chile protests: hundreds of thousands take part as peso hits record low

14:37 | 14/11/2019 Global Economy

Unrest has been ongoing for almost a month and now it is starting to hit the nation's currency. Tear gas and water cannons have been used by police as a way of dealing with protesters.
potential us china trade deal could remove tariffs Potential US - China trade deal could remove tariffs

11:04 | 09/11/2019 Global Economy

The US and China have reportedly agreed to roll back tariffs as part of any new trade deal.
more reforms innovation to spur indian growth world bank president More reforms, innovation to spur Indian growth: World Bank President

11:02 | 01/11/2019 Global Economy

"Prime Minister Modi has a goal of USD 5 trillion dollar economy. It will be assisted by innovation in the financial sector," he said.
us suspends duty free treatment of thai products US suspends duty-free treatment of Thai products

13:52 | 28/10/2019 Global Economy

The US has suspended duty-free treatment of certain Thai products amid the two countries’ tension on Thailand’s ban of three toxic agricultural chemicals.
swiss remain the richest in the world Swiss remain the richest in the world

10:23 | 25/10/2019 Global Economy

The Swiss have pulled away from the pack when it comes to assets per adult, remaining on average the wealthiest citizens in the world. 
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