uk pm may wants free trade deal with china UK PM May wants free trade deal with China

10:44 | 01/02/2018 Global Economy

Britain is seeking a free trade agreement with China, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday as she flew to the country for talks with Chinese leaders, adding that more should be done immediately to open up market access for British firms.
south korean economy grows 31 pct in 2017 South Korean economy grows 3.1 pct in 2017

14:58 | 31/01/2018 Global Economy

South Korea's economy grew at its fastest pace in three years in 2017, the central bank said last week, thanks to robust exports of tech products including semiconductors and growing consumer spending.
china japan agree to hold china japan rok summit as soon as possible China, Japan agree to hold China-Japan-ROK summit as soon as possible

14:38 | 30/01/2018 Global Economy

China and Japan agreed to hold a new round of China-Japan-ROK leaders' meetings as soon as possible, and foster the proper environment for the trilateral summit.
malaysia reviews trade with eu after move to limit palm oil use Malaysia reviews trade with EU after move to limit palm oil use

15:10 | 29/01/2018 Global Economy

Malaysia is reviewing its trade with the EU following the bloc’s move to back a ban on using palm oil to make biofuels, the deputy prime minister was reported as saying on Sunday.
china looks to boost trade ties with south southeast asia China looks to boost trade ties with South, Southeast Asia

15:20 | 26/01/2018 Global Economy

A conference seeking ways to promote economic connection between China and countries in South and Southeast Asia kicked off in Beijing, China on January 19.
trans pacific trade pact to be signed in march Trans-Pacific trade pact to be signed in March

15:23 | 25/01/2018 Global Economy

Eleven countries aiming to forge an Asia-Pacific trade pact after the United States pulled out of an earlier version will sign an agreement in Chile in March, announced Japan’s economy minister Toshimitsu Moteg on January 23.
world economic forum opens in davos World Economic Forum opens in Davos

10:26 | 24/01/2018 Global Economy

Movers and shakers from the worlds of business, politics and culture are gathered in the Swiss resort of Davos for the 48th World Economic Forum. 
australia japan pledge to sign cptpp by march Australia, Japan pledge to sign CPTPP by March

16:30 | 22/01/2018 Global Economy

The prime ministers of Australia and Japan committed to having the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) signed by March.
mexico eu free trade deal should be finished in a few weeks official Mexico-EU free trade deal should be finished in a few weeks: official

14:47 | 19/01/2018 Global Economy

Mexico and the European Union should complete a new free trade deal "within the next few weeks," despite the fact there are still a few difficult areas to agree on, a senior Mexican official said on January 17.
french president calls for trade balance in visit to china French President calls for trade balance in visit to China

11:16 | 18/01/2018 Global Economy

Observers say French President Emmanuel Macron communicated two important messages during his recent visit to China.
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