joe biden us china relations should be more honest and frank Joe Biden: US - China relations should be more honest and frank

10:55 | 25/06/2015 Global Economy

The US and China began their 7th Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington on Tuesday with commitments to boosting cooperation while acknowledging areas of tensions.
eu looks towards strategic partnership with asean EU looks towards strategic partnership with ASEAN

10:35 | 24/06/2015 Global Economy

European Union (EU) foreign ministers have agreed that the union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) need to work together to move the relationship to a strategic level.
obama reiterates significance of tpp Obama reiterates significance of TPP

09:02 | 23/06/2015 Global Economy

US President Barack Obama has once again stressed the significance of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade accord and urged Senate lawmakers to pass a key bill.
putin russias economy remains stable despite western sanctions Putin: Russia’s economy remains stable despite Western sanctions

10:52 | 22/06/2015 Global Economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia’s economy hasn’t fallen into deep crisis despite Western sanctions and restrictions to access international capital market, and a decline of the domestic demand.
singapores economic growth projections kept at 27 percent Singapore’s economic growth projections kept at 2.7 percent

13:38 | 21/06/2015 Global Economy

Economists have slightly lowered their forecasts for Singapore’s 2015 growth to 2.7 percent from the earlier 2.8 percent, according to a survey conducted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
asean promotes member states integration in services ASEAN promotes member states’ integration in services

10:01 | 20/06/2015 Global Economy

Policymakers gathered at a workshop in Jakarta on June 18 to discuss advances and challenges in service integration of ASEAN member countries.
money for nothing in zimbabwe Money for nothing in Zimbabwe

11:00 | 19/06/2015 Global Economy

Zimbabwe's central bank has announced that residents can exchange banknotes from its old currency, which collapsed and was discarded six years ago amid runaway inflation, for American dollars.
myanmar thailand to enhance cooperation in energy electric power Myanmar, Thailand to enhance cooperation in energy, electric power

11:04 | 18/06/2015 Global Economy

Myanmar and Thailand have reached a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on further cooperation in energy and electric power.
ASEAN Economic Community discussed in London

10:45 | 14/06/2015 Global Economy

Business executives in Asia and Europe met in the Asia House in London on June 12 for a conference on ASEAN strategy.
malaysia palm oil exports increase sharply in may Malaysia: Palm oil exports increase sharply in May

16:07 | 12/06/2015 Global Economy

Malaysia’s palm oil exports surged 37 percent to 1.61 million tonnes in May, the highest level since March 2003, according to the Malaysian Palm Oil Board.
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