Cuba, Singapore strengthen bilateral cooperation

09:27 | 02/07/2015 Global Economy

Cuban Minister of Economy and Planning Marino Murillo and Singaporean Foreign Minister Kasiviswanathan Shanmugan have committed to strengthening bilateral economic and political ties.
singapore australia to ink comprehensive strategic partnership Singapore, Australia to ink comprehensive strategic partnership

09:45 | 01/07/2015 Global Economy

Australia will be Singapore’s comprehensive strategic partner which would enable bilateral cooperation in the economy, foreign affairs and defense to expand further.
greece imposes capital controls as crisis deepens Greece imposes capital controls as crisis deepens

09:31 | 30/06/2015 Global Economy

Greece moved to check the growing strains on its crippled financial system on June 28, closing its banks and imposing capital controls that brought the prospect of being forced out of the euro into plain sight.
indonesia lowers economic growth target to 55 percent Indonesia lowers economic growth target to 5.5 percent

09:12 | 29/06/2015 Global Economy

The Indonesian government has lowered its economic growth for 2016 to 5.5 – 6 percent, from the previous target of 5.8-6.2 percent.
us congress grants president obama fast track trade authority US Congress grants President Obama fast track trade authority

16:21 | 27/06/2015 Global Economy

On Wednesday, the US Senate voted to grant President Barack Obama trade promotion authority, the so-called fast track trade authority, by a vote of 60 to 38 vote, giving the Obama administration greater gratitude to strengthen economic and trade relations with Asian countries.
greek debt talks continue on positive track Greek debt talks continue on positive track

08:52 | 26/06/2015 Global Economy

With no breakthrough during Monday's Eurogroup summit in Brussels, talks on the long-awaited deal for the Greek debt resolution will be continued with a view to strike a compromise by the weekend, according to Greek government and its international lenders.
joe biden us china relations should be more honest and frank Joe Biden: US - China relations should be more honest and frank

10:55 | 25/06/2015 Global Economy

The US and China began their 7th Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington on Tuesday with commitments to boosting cooperation while acknowledging areas of tensions.
eu looks towards strategic partnership with asean EU looks towards strategic partnership with ASEAN

10:35 | 24/06/2015 Global Economy

European Union (EU) foreign ministers have agreed that the union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) need to work together to move the relationship to a strategic level.
obama reiterates significance of tpp Obama reiterates significance of TPP

09:02 | 23/06/2015 Global Economy

US President Barack Obama has once again stressed the significance of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade accord and urged Senate lawmakers to pass a key bill.
putin russias economy remains stable despite western sanctions Putin: Russia’s economy remains stable despite Western sanctions

10:52 | 22/06/2015 Global Economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia’s economy hasn’t fallen into deep crisis despite Western sanctions and restrictions to access international capital market, and a decline of the domestic demand.
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