thai rice export to meet 2015 target Thai rice export to meet 2015 target

11:00 | 21/07/2015 Global Economy

The Thai Ministry of Commerce expressed confidence that Thai rice will meet its annual export target, despite the ongoing drought crisis.
malaysian government ranked 8th most efficient globally Malaysian Government ranked 8th most efficient globally

19:26 | 20/07/2015 Global Economy

Malaysia’s government has been ranked eighth in terms of most efficient performance in the 2014-2015 Global Competitive Report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on its website, according to local New Straits Times.
raul castro calls on obama to dismantle cuba embargo Raul Castro calls on Obama to dismantle Cuba embargo

15:42 | 17/07/2015 Global Economy

Cuban President Raul Castro asked his US counterpart Barack Obama yesterday to use his executive powers to "dismantle" the economic embargo placed on his island nation.
greek parliament approves bailout measures Greek parliament approves bailout measures

18:09 | 16/07/2015 Global Economy

The Greek parliament passed sweeping austerity measures demanded by lenders to open talks on a new multibillion-euro bailout package to keep Greece in the euro.
cambodia thailand bolster bilateral relations Cambodia, Thailand bolster bilateral relations

09:20 | 16/07/2015 Global Economy

Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hor Nam Hong met with senior Thai officials to strengthen bilateral relations.
indonesias foreign exchange reserves shrink Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves shrink

15:52 | 15/07/2015 Global Economy

Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves shrank 2.8 billion USD to 108 billion USD at the end of June 2015 from a month earlier, said Executive Director of the Bank Indonesia (BI) Tirta Segara.
eurozone leaders agree on a bailout for greece Eurozone leaders agree on a bailout for Greece

16:26 | 14/07/2015 Global Economy

EU President Donald Tusk said that the leaders of 19 eurozone countries inked a deal for a 3rd bailout for Greece at an emergency summit in Brussels, Belgium on Monday.
tube strike disrupts uk economy Tube strike disrupts UK economy

10:52 | 14/07/2015 Global Economy

The UK economy is estimated to have suffered a loss of approximately 50 million pounds per day after tube staff went on strike across the London Underground network in a dispute over pay and working conditions.
chinas stock market stumbles impact governments credibility China's Stock Market Stumbles Impact Government's Credibility

17:08 | 13/07/2015 Global Economy

Mainland China's two stock markets saw huge growth over the past year, and as the country's state-backed media forecast even-higher returns, millions of middle class Chinese bought into the soaring markets.
Singapore seeks alternative energy sources

10:41 | 13/07/2015 Global Economy

Singapore is struggling to find alternative energy sources suitable for the city-state, said the country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs K. Shanmugam.
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