malaysia laos to further cooperation Malaysia, Laos to further cooperation

10:03 | 02/03/2016 Global Economy

Malaysia and Laos have agreed to explore areas of cooperation to strengthen their bilateral relations.
g20 leaders urge policy coordination G20 leaders urge policy coordination

16:32 | 01/03/2016 Global Economy

The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting opened last Friday in Shanghai to urge policy coordination.
venezuela imposes gasoline hike currency devaluation Venezuela imposes gasoline hike, currency devaluation

16:44 | 29/02/2016 Global Economy

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro recently said he would raise the price of gasoline and devalue the bolivar currency, as he faced growing pressure to ease an economic crisis.
uk businesses warn of severe consequences following eu exit UK businesses warn of severe consequences following EU exit

12:20 | 28/02/2016 Global Economy

Leaving the European Union would threaten jobs and put the UK's economy at risk, leaders of some of Britain's biggest companies say.
imf warns global economy highly vulnerable IMF warns global economy 'highly vulnerable'

15:31 | 27/02/2016 Global Economy

The International Monetary Fund has said that the global economy is "highly vulnerable" and urged the United States and other large nations to prepare contingency plans that could be rolled out quickly.
latin america suffers about 4 billion usd in economic losses due to zika Latin America suffers about 4 billion USD in economic losses due to Zika

14:22 | 26/02/2016 Global Economy

The economic impact of the Zika virus in Latin America and the Caribbean is estimated to be almost 4 billion USD, including lost revenue and damage, said the World Bank (WB) this week.
deutsche boerse plans london stock exchange takeover Deutsche Boerse plans London Stock Exchange takeover

10:49 | 25/02/2016 Global Economy

German market operator Deutsche Boerse (DBOEF) wants to join forces with the London Stock Exchange (LDNXF), the companies said Tuesday.
africa economic summit 2016 opens to boost investment Africa Economic Summit 2016 opens to boost investment

10:16 | 24/02/2016 Global Economy

As African countries grapple with the challenge of bilateral trade within the continent, Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi last Saturday opened the 2016 African Economic Summit.
singapores exports to china see record low in seven years Singapore’s exports to China see record low in seven years

10:54 | 23/02/2016 Global Economy

A slowdown in China’s economic growth is having a strong impact on Singapore as the country’s export turnover to China, in January, recorded the sharpest decrease in the past 7 years.
ec president warns theres no guarantee of eu deal with britain EC President warns there's no guarantee of EU deal with Britain

15:34 | 20/02/2016 Global Economy

European Council President Donald Tusk warned Wednesday that there is still no guarantee that EU leaders will reach an agreement on Britain's membership in the Eurozone.
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