connected growth asean and south asia in 2037 Connected growth: ASEAN and South Asia in 2037

14:37 | 05/10/2017 Global Economy

Two decades ago Asia was in the grip of a broad economic crisis. Through the 1998 Asian financial crisis, regional stock markets lost more than 60% of their value. Already fragile government reserves ran dry. By May 1998, Indonesia’s sovereign rating had fallen to CCC+.
three gulf states raise gasoline prices Three Gulf states raise gasoline prices

14:08 | 04/10/2017 Global Economy

The United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman have increased gasoline and diesel prices for the month of October.
japans business confidence climbs to 10 year high Japan’s business confidence climbs to 10-year high

14:03 | 03/10/2017 Global Economy

Confidence among Japan’s biggest manufacturers has jumped to its highest level in a decade, a key central bank survey showed Monday, as the world’s third-largest economy picks up pace.
indonesia expects economic growth to exceed adb forecast Indonesia expects economic growth to exceed ADB forecast

11:22 | 02/10/2017 Global Economy

Indonesian Minister of National Development Planning Bambang Brodjonegoro has believed that the country’s economic growth rate will reach 5.4 percent in 2017, higher than the Asian Development Bank (ADB)’s forecast of 5.1 percent.
chinese official reassures foreign firms over equal treatment Chinese official reassures foreign firms over equal treatment

16:11 | 01/10/2017 Global Economy

China's Ministry of Commerce has reassured overseas businesses that they will always receive equal treatment in the Chinese market.
adb raises asia growth forecast ADB raises Asia growth forecast

15:03 | 29/09/2017 Global Economy

Growth prospects for developing Asia are looking up, bolstered by a revival in world trade and strong momentum in China, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said in its Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2017 Update released on September 26th.
indonesia india seek measures to bolster bilateral trade Indonesia, India seek measures to bolster bilateral trade

15:56 | 28/09/2017 Global Economy

India raised the issue of market access and regulatory barriers that its companies are facing in Indonesia in pharmacy, dairy and bovine meat, said the country’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry on September 25.
inequality low wages weaken global growth imf official Inequality, low wages weaken global growth: IMF official

15:39 | 27/09/2017 Global Economy

A hollowing out of the middle class in advanced economies like the U.S., amid weak wage growth and rising inequality, is holding back global growth, a senior IMF official said Monday.
china to halt new projects in pollution red zones China to halt new projects in pollution 'red zones'

14:49 | 26/09/2017 Global Economy

China will halt major projects in regions with high levels of pollution, the official Xinhua news agency reported late on Wednesday, underscoring an environmental crackdown that is starting to hit business around the country.
tpp nations achieve progress toward new free trade deal TPP nations achieve progress toward new free trade deal

14:07 | 25/09/2017 Global Economy

The Trans-Pacific Partnership nations have made progress toward a new free trade agreement slated for November following the US withdrawal from the pact, according to Japanese chief negotiator of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Kazuyoshi Umemoto. 
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