britain asks for interim customs deal with eu new trade deals post brexit

Britain asks for interim customs deal with EU, new trade deals post: Brexit

14:42 | 22/08/2017 Global Economy

Britain will propose setting up an interim customs agreement with the European Union after Brexit to allow the freest possible trade of goods.
china warns of retaliation as trump launches trade probe

China warns of retaliation as Trump launches trade probe

15:34 | 21/08/2017 Global Economy

Trade tensions between the United States and China heated up on Tuesday as Beijing warned that it "will not sit idle" if a US probe into its intellectual property practices leads to sanctions.
japan economy posts longest expansion in over a decade Japan economy posts longest expansion in over a decade

09:04 | 17/08/2017 Global Economy

Japan's economy grew 1.0 percent in the April-June period, notching up its sixth straight quarter of growth and its longest economic expansion in over a decade, government data showed Monday.
china bans north korean iron seafood imports China bans North Korean iron, seafood imports

14:53 | 15/08/2017 Global Economy

China will halt iron, iron ore and seafood imports from North Korea starting Tuesday, following through on new U.N. sanctions after U.S. pressure for Beijing to strongarm Pyongyang over its ally's nuclear program.
russias economic growth picks up to 25 pct yy in q2 Russia's economic growth picks up to 2.5 pct y/y in Q2

16:14 | 14/08/2017 Global Economy

The Russian economy grew 2.5 percent year on year in the second quarter, its best annual rate since the third quarter of 2012, preliminary data from the Federal Statistics Service showed on Friday.
sale of genetically modified salmon in canada alarms environmentalists Sale of genetically modified salmon in Canada alarms environmentalists

12:20 | 13/08/2017 Global Economy

Environmentalists charged this Monday that genetically modified salmon are being marketed in Canada without warning labels and called on supermarkets to withdraw them from sale.
indonesia reports gdp growth of 501 percent in q2 Indonesia reports GDP growth of 5.01 percent in Q2

16:28 | 11/08/2017 Global Economy

Indonesia posted a 5.01 percent growth in GDP in the second quarter, slightly slower than expected, local media reported, citing official statistics of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS).
chinese export import growth rates slow in july Chinese export, import growth rates slow in July

16:14 | 10/08/2017 Global Economy

Chinese trade growth slowed significantly in July compared to the previous month, official data showed Tuesday, coming in well below expectations after months of steady momentum.
tainted egg scandal spreads across europe Tainted egg scandal spreads across Europe

16:24 | 09/08/2017 Global Economy

Supermarkets in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium have pulled millions of eggs from their shelves as a scandal widens over contamination by fipronil, an insecticide dangerous to humans.
europes recovery strengthens unemployment at 8 year low Europe's recovery strengthens, unemployment at 8-year low

15:03 | 08/08/2017 Global Economy

Europe's economic recovery is strengthening with unemployment in the eurozone dropping in June to its lowest since February 2009, according to official figures released last week.
china proposes seven points to take ties with asean to new level China proposes seven points to take ties with ASEAN to new level

15:55 | 07/08/2017 Global Economy

China put forward a seven-point proposal on China-ASEAN cooperation during a meeting between foreign ministers from ASEAN and China in Manila, the Philippines on August 6.
qatar files wto complaint over embargo by gulf neighbors Qatar files WTO complaint over embargo by Gulf neighbors

10:33 | 04/08/2017 Global Economy

Qatar has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization over a trade embargo imposed by its Gulf neighbors.
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