Gifts for garbage: Da Nang implements plastic waste reduction model

13:00 | 17/08/2020 Environment

(VEN) - An innovative model designed by the Youth union in Chinh Gian Ward (Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City) is helping increase public awareness of plastic waste reduction and environmental protection by encouraging residents to exchange used plastic in return for gifts.

gifts for garbage da nang implements plastic waste reduction model

People in Thanh Khe Ward enthusiastically classify waste at source

Under the model, old bottles and used batteries are exchanged for supermarket gift vouchers every Saturday afternoon from 3-5 pm. Every 50 plastic bottles, 20 old batteries or 5kg of paper scrap are swapped for a gift voucher. The gifts are purchased from a source funded by the private sector and from the sale of scraps.

One voucher buys either soy sauce, dishwashing liquid, fish sauce, chili sauce or a soft drink. With two vouchers, shoppers can buy either sugar, glutinous rice, jelly, cooking oil or chicken eggs. Next to the shelves are large banners saying: “Exchange plastic waste - Get gifts”, “Please mobilize relatives, friends, and colleagues to combat plastic waste”. In just over two weeks, Doan Gian Ward's Youth union team has collected about 1,500 plastic bottles, 1,300 cans, 200 batteries and more than 200kg of scrap paper.

Ngo Dang Kim Ngoc, Secretary of Thuy Tien Preschool’s Youth Union said teachers were excited about the model and would use it in extracurricular school activities on the topic of environmental protection. “Teachers can both protect the environment and receive small gifts. These actions partly help raise kids’ awareness on waste classification and also form a habit of rational waste classification among adults, contributing to solving plastic and hazardous waste and also exchanging waste for necessities,” Ngoc said.

Waste sorting habits

Le Trinh, Secretary of Chinh Gian Ward’s Youth union said the collected items would be sold at scrap shops, raising funds to maintain operations at supermarkets. The unit has contacted Thanh Khe District’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment to find suitable solutions for used batteries. “By exchanging gifts as necessities, the youth union wishes to attract more people to join in the model, gradually forming waste sorting habits at the source, reducing waste in the environment. We will flexibly organize this model in our residential areas in the ward,” Trinh said.

All sectors and unions in Thanh Khe District have adopted domestic waste recycling and/or use of biodegradable bags. Thanh Khe District has implemented solid waste sorting at all 10 wards in the district, ensuring the progress assigned by the city; formed a suitable collection and transportation network for post-sorting waste. It strives to reach a 12 percent target of reused and recycled domestic solid waste in 2020 and 15 percent in 2025.

Learning how to handle garbage correctly is the foundation of environmental protection of each citizen, turning Thanh Khe into a green, clean and beautiful district.

Tran Huong