Gie Thuong’s leather shoes need branding

09:38 | 08/12/2015 Trade

(VEN) - Leather shoe makers in Gie Thuong Village in Phu Xuyen District, Hanoi, should be more determined and strategic in branding their products.

Gie Thuong’s leather shoes need branding

Huy (right), owner of the Luong Huy leather shoe facility, introduces his products to a visitor

Difficulties with branding local leather shoe products

Branding plays an important role in the context of increasing international integration. It has been agreed on and pursued by many leather shoe facilities in Gie Thuong Village including Thao Huong and Luong Huy. Seeing that, the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade and Phu Yen Commune Leather Shoes Association have coordinated branding for Gie Thuong-made leather shoe products. In fact, very few local leather shoe facilities have so far registered for their own brand names, while the unregistered complain of weak competitiveness of domestic brands against rival foreign products of the same quality.

Branding is key to long term development of craft products, requiring intensive investment in market research, design, quality improvements, and sales promotion, said Huy, owner of the Luong Huy leather shoe facility.

Branding strategies are needed

Branding craft products is difficult without proper strategies, determination and state support. “I have registered for a brand name for two years and gradually seen better market share,” Huy said.

According to Huy, anyone who wants to build a brand of his own should carefully prepare a strategy and follow it in a consistent manner. For example, Gie Thuong’s leather shoes for office workers are not widely promoted in Nghe An and so need a sales promotion campaign.

Thao Huong leather shoe company owner Huong also shared Huy’s point of view, saying that she was determined to brand her own products thanks to securing groups of regular customers whom she know what they like and how to satisfy them.

Local shoe making facilities are small scale, lacking capital and experience in market research and development and sales promotion, while branding is time consuming and costs money. Gie Thuong leather shoe makers all expect to receive more production and trading support from local authorities and related agencies so that they can better develop branding for local leather shoe products, promote links with investors and distributors and move towards sustainable development, Huong said.

The Phu Yen Commune Leather Shoes Association is promoting Gie Thuong-made leather shoe products, requiring that all shoe making facilities in the village that meet set quality norms will use the same logo with a view to stop the arbitrary use of private brand names as of now.


Hai Nam