Germany expects more jobs for Vietnamese

09:48 | 13/11/2015 Cooperation

In the talk with Vietnam Economic News’ My Phung, Marko Walde, Chief Representative of GIC/AHK in Vietnam expected that the German Job Fair will create a platform to connect German companies with job seekers in Vietnam. “It is an opportunity for students and graduates to find suitable internships, part-time and full-time jobs as well as suitable vocational training programs offered now in Vietnam,” he said.

Germany expects more jobs for Vietnamese

He also highlighted the prominence of German companies and shared his opinion to young Vietnamese to apply successfully.

What is the working culture of German companies in Vietnam?

The most important German cultural standards are focus on the task, value of structure and rules, reliability and avoidance of uncertainty, German punctuality, separation of private and public spheres and directness of communication. The task is the central and dominant issue in all business interactions. Consistency and reliability are seen as especially important German traits. Members of the German culture have a high tendency to avoid uncertainty. Working with and for German companies employers have opportunities to work independently and to develop team work skill as well as other soft skills.     

Could you tell about recruitment criteria that German companies need from Vietnamese candidates?

The basic requirements should be the suitable degree with work experiences, language skill like English or German. Candidates should also be able to work independently and work in team effectively. Punctuality is a matter of good manners. Appointments are precisely planned and it is expected that times which are set are adhered to.

Does GIC/AHK Vietnam have any special program to help connect Vietnamese students with German companies?

We have our online portal named jobXchange on our website that connects Vietnamese job seekers and German recruiting companies. We assist interested German companies to post their job vacancies on our website. The job searchers can apply for the position directly.

For students that are now searching for suitable and modern vocational training program, GIC/AHK Vietnam has been coordinating with German companies Bosch Vietnam, B.Braun and Messer Gas Industries on the purpose of implementing dual vocational training program in Vietnam. We are the first contact for the consultancy and coordination of dual vocational training programs in Vietnam. We manage and control the quality, the content as well as the implementation processes. GIC/AHK Vietnam organizes examinations and awards certificates according to German standard. After successful participation in this training program, students are very attractive to German companies. 

TALENTBIZ- German Job Fair 2015 was organized recently in Ho Chi Minh City. Hosted by the German Business Association (GBA), GIC/AHK - the Delegate of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam, and Alumniportal Deutschland, the fair offered students and young professionals with a unique opportunity to meet more than 35 well-known German companies, organizations, universities and vocational schools in Vietnam. The participation of German big names like Bosch, Siemens, Mercedes, Rieckermann and Terraverde shows their interest in the Vietnamese labor market and their intention to develop sustainably in Vietnam.


 My Phung