Generali Vietnam’s “Sống Như Ý” awarded “Marketing Campaign of the Year”

16:39 | 26/01/2021 Companies

Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LLC (Generali Vietnam) won “Marketing Campaign of the Year” award by InsuranceAsia News for its “Sống Như Ý” (Live the Life You Desire) campaign, featuring a series of 4 videos launched since 2019’s fourth quarter. Riding on the campaign’s success, Generali has recently launched the “Sống Như Ý” music video - 2021 Lunar New Year version sending out positive life messages to its audience.

“Sống Như Ý” campaign consists of a series of short music videos telling stories of people living the life they have always dreamed of. The campaign has been well received by the audience, attracting more than 100 million views on Generali Vietnam’s official YouTube channel and Facebook page, as well as 4 million shares and comments, especially from Millennial viewers, the campaign’s target audience.

generali vietnams song nhu y awarded marketing campaign of the year

The music videos were launched to coincide with special occasions, such as Lunar New Year, International Women’s Day and Father’s Day, featuring high artistic value, touching stories that truly reflect life and convey messages of empathy, love, and respect for individuals’ differences and dreams so everyone can live the life they desire.

Apart from increasing Generali Vietnam’s brand awareness, “Sống Như Ý” also enables Generali Vietnam to build brand love as it promotes positive life messages with an innovative approach, based on its profound insights and understanding of its customers and the community.

Ms. Tina Nguyễn, Generali Vietnam CEO, said: “The campaign title “Sống Như Ý” is inspired by the Italian way of life - always valuing family and friends, always being positive and optimistic, and concurrently conveys the message of “live the life you desire”. Through this campaign, we would want to encourage everyone to embrace their loved ones’ dreams, so all can “live the life they desire” - being brave and strong to live the life they have always imagined with passion and enthusiasm. And on their journey to realize their dreams, Generali will always be a dedicated and trusted “Lifetime Partner”, offering them love, protection and support through all ups and downs so their dream comes true and their life flourishes.”

The 2020 Lunar New Year and the Father’s Day music videos of the “Sống Như Ý” campaign also made it on to the YouTube APAC leaderboard for “Top YouTube Ads People Watched in Asia-Pacific”. The campaign also earned Generali Vietnam the Gold Winner prize for the “Brand Awareness” category at the MMA Smarties Awards 2020, celebrating outstanding marketing achievements.

Riding on the success of the “Sống Như Ý” music videos launched throughout 2020, Generali Vietnam has recently released the 2021 Lunar New Year music video, capturing the touching story of an affectionate father and his young daughter struggling between “going home for the new year” or “staying in the city” amidst all the hustle and burden of life. The music video resonates well with the audience after such a year full of uncertainties and losses due to the pandemic and natural disasters, and thus quickly became popular online.

The music video features a perfect blend of Vietnamese and Italian cultures as it combines the melodies of the Italian folk song “Bella Ciao” and popular Vietnamese song “Cho Con” by songwriter Phạm Trọng Cầu. It continues to deliver the positive message of “Live the Life You Desire”, encouraging sharing, caring and empathy among family members so they can be strong shoulders for one another to lean on in hardship and together celebrate the New Year they desire.