Generali Vietnam Life launches new product “VITA - Song Tu Tin” with superior & unique features

10:05 | 16/11/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LLC (Generali Vietnam) has officially launched their new product called VITA - Song Tu Tin (VITA - Live Confidently). With optimal flexibility and a combination of unique, attractive and practical features, VITA - Song Tu Tin promises to quickly become customers’ favorites, similar to other well-known products previously offered by Generali Vietnam.  

A single package of VITA - Song Tu Tin offers customers comprehensive protection for themselves and their families for their convenience. It also offers attractive investment returns thanks to Annual Bonus and Special Bonus up to 500% of annual premium.

Aside from the regular annual premium payment plan, customers can opt for upfront payment for the first 4 years to enjoy a complete waiver of initial premium fee from the 2nd year onwards, and hence quickly building up their accumulative investment value. When supplemented with additional protection and health riders, customers can be assured of up to 1 billion VND/annum/person of medical expense reimbursement and up to a maximum of 500% protection benefits. In addition, with VITA - Song Tu Tin, Generali Vietnam will continue to provide protection for customers for 24 months from the date the insurance contract becomes lapsed, regardless of reasons. This is a unique feature introduced for the first time in Vietnam insurance market.

In addition to the aforementioned superiorities, VITA - Song Tu Tin is also a breakthrough in terms of transparency and simplicity of the contract’s Terms and Conditions, allowing for easy understanding and reference. And last but not least, Generali Vietnam made a great effort in minimizing coverage exclusions with an aim to maximize protection and peace of mind for their customers.

On the new product launch, Ms. Tina Nguyen - CEO of Generali Vietnam remarked - “Being a “Simpler, Smarter and Customer-centric” brand, Generali Vietnam has made a significant effort in developing VITA - Song Tu Tin with an aim to provide our customers with unique, superior and comprehensive protection and investment benefits, so that our customers can have the peace of mind and confidence to focus their energy on the pursuit of more important plans and ambitions for themselves and their families.”

Generali Vietnam is a member of Generali Group - an independent, Italian Group, with a strong international presence. After six years of operations, Generali Vietnam currently has approximately 160,000 clients including individuals and insured members of domestic and foreign businesses in Vietnam. Generali Vietnam is also one of the fastest growing companies in Vietnam’s life insurance sector in terms of revenue, and within the entire Generali Group in 2015 and 2016. To keep up that momentum and enlarge our scale in Vietnam, Generali Vietnam has recently increased its chartered capital to VND 2,852.6 billion and is now among the companies with the highest chartered capital in the life insurance market.