Generali Vietnam launches “VITA - Sống Thịnh Vượng”

09:54 | 23/09/2019 Companies

(VEN) - Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LLC officially launched the product “VITA - Sống Thịnh Vượng” (VITA - Live Prosperously). This is a 2-in-1 insurance solution that helps provide customers with both an effective investment channel and a comprehensive protection plan.

Ms. Tina Nguyen - Generali Vietnam CEO

Ms. Tina Nguyen - Generali Vietnam CEO said: “VITA - Sống Thịnh Vượng’s key competitive differentiator in the Vietnam life insurance market is the fact that it helps customers optimize profitability when the four investment-linked funds are managed by VinaCaptial and VietFund Management - the top two fund management companies in Vietnam. In addition, customers can customise their investment options with flexible selection of funds to better suit their personal risk appetite and profitability expectation. Generali’s customers can also change up their investment plan among these four funds throughout the year.”

“As a strong testament for Generali’s motto of “Simpler, Smarter, Customer centric”, this 2-in-1 insurance product meets customer’s needs for a comprehensive protection plan against life’s risks and an additional preeminent investment channel,” Ms. Tina Nguyen added.

VITA - Sống Thịnh Vượng’s competitive benefits:

Effective Investment: Customers can choose among four investment funds that best suit their profitability expectation and risk acceptance level. These investment funds are managed by the top two fund management companies in Vietnam, which helps optimize profitability for customers by leveraging each companies’ unique strength and advantages. Customers can switch funds, withdraw money, top up premium, change funds allocation ratio, premium holidays, etc. Customers enjoy more attractive benefits and rewards such as Regular Bonus equivalent to 3% of Policy Account Value and Special Bonus of upto 225% first year premium.

Comprehensive Protection: Customers are comprehensively protected and assured of 100% Sum Assured and Policy Account Value in the event of Death or Permanent Dismemberment; Customers are paid an addition of 100% Sum Assured in the event of Accidental Death; Customers are protected against other events such as critical illnesses, hospitalization, etc when adding riders.

Generali is one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers from Italy. Established in 1831, Generali is present in over 50 countries, with total premium income exceeding €66 billion in 2018. With nearly 71,000 employees serving 61 million customers globally, Generali has a leading position in Europe and an increasingly significant presence in Asia.

Generali Vietnam is a member of Generali Group. After 8 years of operation, Generali Vietnam currently has a nationwide network of over 60 GenCasa (agency offices) and customer service centers, serving approximately 200,000 clients including individuals and insured members of domestic and foreign businesses in Vietnam. Generali Vietnam takes pride in our strong focus on customer experience and won 2017 & 2018 “Best Customer Service” award and 2018 “Most Innovative Insurance Company” award by International Finance Magazine, 2017 “Excellent Brand” award by Vietnam Enterprise Development Science Union and 2017 & 2018 “Golden Dragon” award by the Vietnam Economics Times.

Minh Ky