Generali Vietnam launches “More than just a place to work” people strategy

15:15 | 05/03/2021 Companies

Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LLC (“Generali Vietnam”) officially launches its “More than just a place to work” people strategy, with an aim to become the best employer in the Vietnam insurance and finance industry.

The company is also running its Management Trainee program Genext Challenge 2021 to recruit, train and develop young talents to meet its business growth needs in Vietnam.

The core of this strategy is the objective to build Generali Vietnam to be “more than just a place to work”, where every staff member can “learn – grow – live – thrive”.

generali vietnam launches more than just a place to work people strategy

Learn – Generali Vietnam will step up its training activities and programs with practical, innovative and diverse content and formats, as well as reinforce a learning and development culture. The company constantly digitalizes all human resources processes, including the registration and management of training and development requests, and many practical online training programs.

Grow – Generali Vietnam will continue to focus on developing its high quality workforce via the Generali Talent Management program and the ongoing Management Trainee program Genext Challenge 2021. Both programs aim at developing the company’s talent pool and outstanding individuals, to build the next generation of leaders, meeting Generali’s needs for rapid and sustainable development in Vietnam.

Live – With an aim to become “more than just a place to work” where every employee can live and work to their heart’s content with great passion and ambition, the company has been carrying out notable people policies: reinforcing Diversity & Inclusion; implementing smart working policy enabling employees to flexibly manage their work and family responsibilities; promoting work-life balance through stepping up diverse engagement activities and initiatives, and enhancing compensation and benefits; reinforcing the SOHI culture (Simplification, Ownership, Human Touch, Innovation) through continuous training, rewards and recognition, and constant feedback in day-to-day work.

Thrive – In addition to offering staff opportunities for development and career progress, Generali Vietnam plans and organizes various meaningful, practical, innovative and engaging community programs. These programs enable staff to join hands with the company in realizing its ambition of becoming “Lifetime Partner”, creating positive and sustainable values for its customers, partners and the community. Concurrently, this helps motivate staff with meaningful work life purpose and build pride.

Ms. Tina Nguyen, Generali Vietnam CEO, said: “The “More than just a place to work” people strategy is one of Generali’s strategic and sustainable efforts to build an ideal working environment and develop a happy, engaged, professional and inspired workforce. And with that, we hope to spread such happiness to customers and the community through our quality insurance services and products as well as our contributions to the society.”