Gemadept Logistics strengthens position on 3PL market

14:29 | 30/11/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Gemadept Logistics, a subsidiary of Gemadept Corporation, is continuing to strengthen its leading position on the third party logistics (3PL) market through diversifying and improving its services in order to better satisfy customers throughout Vietnam and in the region.

gemadept logistics strengthens position on 3pl market

International economic integration has promoted trade in goods and production, opening up great development opportunities for the logistics industry in general and Gemadept Logistics in particular. While domestic and foreign logistics companies are highly interested in development investment, the demand for 3PL services has sharply increased.

Gemadept Logistics has expanded its warehouse and distribution networks to 220,000sq.m plus nationwide. It has just completed construction and put into operation a 10,000sq.m distribution center at ICD Nam Hai in the northern city of Hai Phong, which was designed to provide package integrated solutions for importers, exporters and distributors in northern provinces. With modern infrastructure, high-quality human resources, professional services, Gemadept Logistics has built and gained customer trust. Revenue that the company earned in the first nine months of 2017 is more than 30 percent higher than that in the same time last year.

Gemadept Logistics director Pham Hong Hai said the government set a target of 8-10 percent contribution to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 15-20 percent annual growth by the logistics industry by 2025. Gemadept Logistics believes in the government's action plan and policies for improvement of infrastructure and competitiveness of Vietnam’s logistics industry, Hai added.

Hai proposed that the government strengthen development of transport infrastructure, including overland, railway, ocean and waterway shipping lines, and air routes, explaining that the too high logistics cost, half of which is made up of transportation cost, has become a major challenge for Vietnamese businesses. He also suggested that the state encourage logistics center development through expanding land and providing preferential land lease rates for logistics center development projects, saying that logistics centers play an important role in meeting goods production, circulation, import and export demands and increasing the Vietnamese logistics market’s exploitation efficiency.

Gemadept Logistics will be improving its competitiveness and administration to become comparable with foreign 3PL businesses. Gemadept Logistics will continue to cooperate with landlords to develop distribution centers, warehouses and modern logistics centers, and strengthen cooperation with partners to expand its network inside and outside Vietnam. The company will also recruit young, qualified people while working with suppliers, vendors and partners to better meet customer’s increasing demands and requirements.

Gemadept Logistics will promote implementation of modern IT application: completion of the new TMS (Transportation Management System), WMS (Warehouse Management System) upgrading to pave the way for ERP integrated management in 2018.

The company is developing its brand and image, and building business ethics and a friendly, good working environment.

Linh Tra