GBA celebrates 20th anniversary in Vietnam

10:09 | 14/12/2015 Companies

(VEN) - The German Business Association (GBA) recently celebrated the 20 year anniversary in Vietnam.

GBA celebrates 20th anniversary in Vietnam

The GBA has been one of the first foreign business associations in the country, starting its activities already back in 1995. Over that period of time, GBA has been the center point of German business life, culture and values in Vietnam. It helped German businesses in developing their operations, advised on a wide range of topics and created opportunities for business and social exchange in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

From the past five years after the 15th anniversary celebration in 2010, the GBA has regularly organized successfully more than 286 business, networking and social events, which have attracted more than 120,972 participants in Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh City. These numbers prove that GBA is always on track as the most proactive business-organizations for its members and its community.

At the event, there were representatives from more than 190 member corporations, the heads of affiliated European Business Association and Chambers of Commerce, German Embassy and German Consulate, and Representative of   Vietnamese Government.

“The year 2015 is very special and we are proud to celebrate 20 year establishment of the German Business Association in Vietnam at the same time with the 40 year anniversary of German-Vietnamese diplomatic relations! We are keen on further strengthen bilateral ties and trade exchange between Germany and Vietnam by merging with the Delegation of the German Industry and Commerce (GIC/AHK) and the GBA in the future bilateral German-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce, the ‘AHK Vietnam’, said Mr. Jens Ruebbert, Chairman of GBA.

The merger, which focuses our human, financial and operative resources to strengthen the German business presence and visibility in Vietnam and to attract further German investment into Vietnam, achieved agreement of the GBA Board and the overwhelming majority of its members in January 2015. Since then, the GBA with the GIC/AHK Vietnam have initiated necessary preparation procedures to found the AHK Vietnam.


 My Phung