From wood processing to noodles: Phu Tho boosts rural industry

14:27 | 26/02/2020 Industry

(VEN) - The enhancement of industry promotion activities in the northern province of Phu Tho has contributed to creating jobs and improving workers’ lives. Particularly, it has supported local business in developing rural industries and crafts. 

phu tho boosts rural industry
With the help of industry promotion funding, rural industrial facilities continue to expand production and access modern equipment

To encourage the development of local industries and crafts, industry promotion authorities have helped in the opening of new businesses, application of advanced technologies in production, the building of technical demonstration models, developing and registering trademarks for rural industry products, and selecting outstanding rural industry products for certification at regional and national levels.

According to the Phu Tho Trade and Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center, in the 2018-2019 period, the province approved 22 projects for the application of advanced machines and equipment for wood processing, tea processing, sour meat production, and handicraft production.

Many funded industry promotion projects in the province have proved effective, such as application of modern machinery and equipment in plywood production, compressed wood for export at Tan Son Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (Tan Son District), Tan Tien Construction Co. Ltd. (Thanh Son District). These projects improved product quality, created jobs for more than 200 local workers with an average monthly income of VND6-7 million.

Another project focused on trademark registration for rural industrial products, including tea and sour meat. Specifically, sour meat products of Thanh Son Sour Meat Cooperative (Thanh Son District), and tea of Long Coc safe tea cooperative (Tan Son District) have been granted collective trademark certifications by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam. Two products were honored as rural industrial products at national level - Hung Lo rice noodles and Ngoc Tan vegetable oil.

The center also helped rural industry establishments participate in trade conferences, trade fairs and e-commerce floors in order to connect supply and demand, creating opportunities to explore and expand markets; and advised newly established enterprises in business administration.

To promote the efficiency of industry promotion capital sources, Phu Tho not only provided funding but also created favorable conditions for the development of rural industrial establishments, encouraged local private businesses to expand production, helped them obtain access to modern equipment and technologies in order to improve product quality and create high-value goods.

In 2020, the Phu Tho Trade and Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center is expected to build four technical demonstration models; help 10 to 15 rural industrial establishments acquire advanced machinery and equipment; coordinate with local businesses to organize trade fairs featuring advantageous products and specialties of the province; support enterprises in applying e-commerce in their production and business activities; and promote energy efficiency.

Nguyen Mai