From motorbike repairman to agricultural machine inventor

11:16 | 05/05/2017 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Ta Dinh Huy of Thuong Vuc Commune in Hanoi’s Chuong My District has invented a multifunctional agricultural machine for which he was honored last month as one of Vietnam’s Outstanding Youth.  

“He made a multifunctional agricultural machine due to a passion for engineering and concern for farmers who work in the fields throughout the year,” according to the decision announced by organizers of the Outstanding Youth Faces Award 2016.

The invention was inspired by Huy’s work as a motorcycle repairman. After returning home from the workshop, he would read books and information about agricultural equipment on the internet and in 2005 the idea came to him of creating a machine to increase labor productivity.

Huy started sketching the blueprints and bought old motorcycle engines to study how they could be turned into an agricultural machine. Following two months of research, he put together an agricultural machine that could till soil, spray pesticides and pump water. He sold it to his neighbor for VND1.6 million.

However, Huy was not satisfied with his first product. In 2010 he decided to quit his job at a motorcycle repair workshop and started looking around for an experienced engineer. In 2014, he successfully built an agricultural machine with eight functions, which could plough, rake, turn over the soil, make furrows, sow, weed, spray pesticide and irrigate. Huy continued working on the machine in an effort to improve its functions and his newest version has 15 functions.

He experienced many failures along the way. He worked day and night to streamline his bulky-looking invention and make it more attractive, to expand its capacity and operational abilities in keeping with various kinds of terrain.

With the encouragement of the award, he plans to keep improving the machine to meet the needs of farmers.

Designed with specialized motorcycle and diesel engines, a multifunctional agricultural machine is fuel-saving and easily

repaired. In addition, it is suitable for the Vietnamese terrain. There are currently about 3,000 multifunctional agricultural

machines available on the market.

Phuong Tam