FrieslandCampina praised for sustainability

11:16 | 25/12/2017 Companies

FrieslandCampina Vietnam has been ranked among the 100 most sustainable businesses of 2017 for its contributions to the sustainable development of the country.

Courtesy Photo of FrieslandCampina Vietnam

The company has reduced the use of energy by 15 percent and water by 25 percent and cut CO2 emissions by 40 percent compared to 2010.

Its programme for the milk industry development, Den Dom Dom, which builds new schools in disadvantaged areas, provides nutrition education and does research, bring benefits to the community.

For instance, the company has collaborated with the Red Cross for a campaign called Drinking Milk- Exercising- Healthy that benefits 75,000 children at 112 schools nation-wide.

It also is working with Agriterra, a Dutch agriculture agency founded in 1997 to promote, facilitate and support lasting cooperation between rural organisations in the Netherlands and in developing countries, to train Vietnamese farmers in best practices.

This is the second year that the list has been drawn up by the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with the Ministries of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs, Industry and Trade, and Natural Resources and Environment, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, and the State Securities Commission of Vietnam.

It honours enterprises and organisations that pioneer sustainable development in the country.

Theo VNA