French-produced documentary on President Ho Chi Minh aired on national TV

11:05 | 21/05/2019 Society

A documentary on President Ho Chi Minh, produced by French director Gérard Guillaume was aired for the first time on Vietnam Television on May 15 to mark the 129th anniversary of the Vietnamese revolutionary’s birthday.

A screen of the documentary - Photo:

Entitled “Ho Chi Minh: esquisse pour un portrait politique” and premiered in France in 1973, the 58-minute documentary offers the audience a sketch of President Ho Chi Minh as a politician.

The film was secured by the National Archives of Vietnam from Ciné-Archives, an audio-visual fund of the French Communist Party, as part of its project to purchase valuable archives on Vietnam.

The documentary is a biography of the Vietnamese leader, following his life from his presence at the Tours Congress in 1920 to his activities in the struggle for national independence.

It was produced using a multitude of materials and archives as well as interviews with various figures, including Nguyen Khac Vien, Nguyen Thi Binh and Chu Van Tan.

The film ends with an image of President Ho Chi Minh’s testament, calling on the Vietnamese people to maintain the revolutionary spirit and the leadership of the Communist Party.

Since 2015, the National Archives of Vietnam have introduced six documentaries and two books of historic significance on President Ho Chi Minh and other major events in Vietnamese history.

Theo NDO