French pharma firm Servier reaffirms long-term Vietnam commitment

09:20 | 02/10/2018 Companies

(VEN) - “Servier is marking its 25th anniversary in Vietnam this year. This shows our long-term commitment to the country,” said Mathieu Fitoussi, Servier Vietnam General Director.

french pharma firm servier reaffirms long term vietnam commitment

“Give to be given”

This is the “thorough” motto of leading French pharmaceutical company Servier, which has been operating in Vietnam for a quarter century, Fitoussi said.

“This direction drives us - close to 300 employees in Vietnam including 220 medical doctors and pharmacists - to engage in many meaningful activities contributing to the local society and community. We are proud of being very active in this regard.”

One such activity is the France-Vietnam Medical Days organized for the 22nd time this year, which brings French experts to Vietnam to share their know-how, facilitates technology transfer and acts as a bridge between experts of both countries.

Servier has also been instrumental in launching the website to help people learn about hypertension and diabetes. “This initiative helps patients get more information, knowledge and awareness on the disease, and learn how to control it. In hypertension, on around 25 million patients, only two to three million people are able to keep it under control, so we need to do more to improve the situation by encouraging patients to regularly check their blood pressure and take their treatment if needed”, Fitoussi added.

A video clip made by Servier Vietnam, posted on, calling on patients to check their hypertension status has attracted around a million views.

“The good result motivates us to do more to stand by patients to help them change their lifestyle and control the disease better. This is the most important task for us in the next 10 years”, he said.

Servier Vietnam has also been part of many other events that showcase its responsibility to the community. The company collaborated with LP4Y (Life Project For Youth) to support Vietnamese adults who are from 17 to 24 years old, being out of school and facing difficulties in life. The project was designed to share knowledge, skills and real experiences to help LP4Y youths come nearer to their dreams.

Servier Vietnam also runs a special project with Helen Keller Vietnam and Hellen Keller International to screen and treat eyes for 8,000 underprivileged children and teachers from Son La Province. “We are making changes every day and this makes us different from others in this industry here.”

Future intentions

Fitoussi said that despite challenges, the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market has grown due to high demand for medicines among more than 90 million people.

Servier Vietnam grew eight percent last year and hopes to maintain growth this year and the next. “Vietnam is very important for Servier’s strategy in Southeast Asia. As the second largest pharmaceutical company in France, we have seen many opportunities for Servier to further develop in Vietnam, especially in the field of research. “Servier will continue investing in healthcare education and medical research. We also have intentions to manufacture in Vietnam in the future”, he said.

Fitoussi believes Vietnam is an investment destination with great potential. Given its political stability and rapid growth, he said, French businesses, in particular, and foreign investors, in general, should come to Vietnam as soon as possible.

Phung My