French cinema goers enjoy new Vietnamese films

11:41 | 04/07/2014 Entertainment

(VEN) - Vietnamese films in different genres are being screened at the first Vietnamese Film Festival in the port city of Saint Malo in France.

The six-day event, which began on July 1, is among a series of cultural activities being held during the Year of Viet Nam in France this year. The festival introduces to French audiences a selection of 15 films, including features, documentaries and animations.

The feature films being screened at the festival are the ones that earlier won both Vietnamese and international cinematography awards.

French audiences can enjoy movies like Choi Voi (Adrift), Mui Du Du Xanh (The Scent of Green Papaya), Mua He Chieu Thang Dung (The Vertical Ray of the Sun),Dong Duong (Indochina), Bi Mat Tham Do (Scandal), Khat Vong Thang Long (Thang Long), Thien Menh Anh Hung (The Blood Letter), Mui Co Chay (The Scent of Burning Grass), Trang Noi Day Gieng (Moon at the Bottom of the Well) and Tam Hon Me (Soul of Mother).

The documentaries shown at the event include Con Lai Voi Thoi Gian (Remain with the Time), Chuyen Lang Then (The Story of Then Village) and Ba Noi (The Grandmother).

In addition, two films about Dien Bien Phu historical battle, Dien Bien Phu by famous French director Pierre Schoendoerffer and the recently-made Song Cung Lich Su(Living with History) by Vietnamese director Nguyen Thanh Van, are also being screened.

Alongside film screenings, the event will also feature a workshop on Vietnamese tourism.

The French movie director Regis Wargnier chairs the festival's jury, which has French-Vietnamese actress Pham Linh Dan and some other big names of French cinema on it. A total of 10 awards, including Best Director, Best Script, Best Documentary, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Soundtrack, will be presented.

The awards trophy, which imitates a dragon, was specially designed for the festival by famous French sculptor Richard Orlinski.

According to the chairperson of the film festival, Regine Petit, the event offers French audiences a better view of Vietnamese cinema as well as its cinematic talents.

Head of the Vietnamese Cinematography Department, Ngo Phuong Lan, who is also head of the Vietnamese delegation attending the festival said, "The festival offers a chance for French people to enjoy Vietnamese movies, through which we showcase the images of Viet Nam as a dynamic, developing country, heading toward the future while preserving its traditional cultural identities."

The festival will end on July 6./.

Source VOV News