FPT Corp tops VN30 in revenues

14:17 | 04/03/2015 Companies

Among the top 30 largest firms in terms of capitalisation and equity, the FPT Corporation (FPT) had the top revenue, which increased by 22 percent over 2013 to 50.3 trillion VND (2.4 billion USD).

FPT Corp tops VN30 in revenues

FPT also recorded a net profit of 2 trillion VND (95 million USD), 0.5 percent over 2013.

The VN30 group's total revenue last year increased by 19.5 percent to 333.6 trillion VND (15.9 billion USD). Its net profit was more than 39 trillion VND (1.86 billion USD), a slight increase of 0.43 percent over 2013's number.

Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (VNM) saw its profit decreased by 7 percent over 2013 to 6 trillion VND (289 million USD). However, the company was still the most profitable company in the VN30.

HCM City Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company (CII) grew the most last year. Its revenue from sales activity last year was 2.67 trillion VND, nearly quadrupling its number in 2013. Its profit was 4.5 times the number for 2013, at 388 billion VND (18.5 million USD).

CII's significant growth was made as the company increased its income from transport charges and received payments twice for building the Sai Gon Bridge.

Saigon Securities Corporation (SSI) had the second best growth among the 30 largest listed companies. Its revenue doubled and its net profit rose by 78 percent over 2013.

SSI was the top broker on the Hochiminh Stock Exchange last year, and rose to the second in terms of market shares on the Hanoi Stock Exchange.

Among the VN30 companies, some increased their revenue and profits, as they successfully sold their shares and equity to other investors.

Kinh Bac City Development Holding Corporation (KBC) increased its financial revenue after selling its shares in Naviland and quadrupled its profits, ending up with 340 billion VND (16.2 million USD).

The Ocean Group Joint Stock Company (OGC) also tripled its net profit to 387 billion VND (18.4 million USD) last year after transferring Ocean Retail to Vingroup.

However, some brands on the list decreased profit and revenue.

Three banks listed on the VN30 – Military Bank (MBB), Sacombank (STB) and Vietcombank (VCB) – saw their revenue decreased. Sacombank's revenue decreased by 7 percent to 15.2 trillion VND (723 million USD) and its profit also decreased by 0.9 percent to 2.21 trillion VND (105 million USD) last year.

Although its revenue increased by 150 percent, Vingroup Joint Stock Company (VIC) had the biggest profit decrease among VN30 companies. It was halved, ending at 3.18 trillion VND (151.4 million USD).

Hoa Sen Group (HSG) also had its profit decreased by 26.5 percent to 410 billion VND (19.5 million USD), as it raised the costs for selling products and expanded the channel for product distribution.

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