Forum promotes GMS cooperation in training

14:09 | 01/12/2015 Economy

(VEN) - The Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and the Securities Research and Training Center (SRTC) hosted the third Greater Mekong Sub-region Capital Market Education Forum (GMS-CMEF 2015) from November 5-6, with representatives from Thai, Lao, Cambodian, and Vietnamese stock exchanges.

Forum promotes GMS cooperation in training

All participants expressed their wish to promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation in training to improve the quality of human resources for the GMS capital market.

State Securities Commission Vice Chairman Pham Hong Son said that developing human resources was crucial to ensuring the quality, safety, transparency, and sustainable growth of the securities market in accordance with international practices and standards. GMS-CMEF 2015 was organized with the aim to create cooperation opportunities for members of the capital market, securities companies, universities and research institutes in the GMS in an effort to improve the quality of human resources for the securities market, and contribute to reducing the development gap between GMS markets, looking towards integration into the ASEAN capital market and the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community.

GMS-CMEF 2015 was expected to help GMS countries understand and assist each other in setting standards for training human resources in securities, looking towards mutual recognition of securities certificates in GMS and ASEAN. Participants discussed the content of cooperation between management authorities, stock exchanges, market members, universities, and research institutes in improving the quality of training, and assessed the actual situation in regards to training activities. They also talked about standards required for financial analysts in the region, and proposed cooperation initiatives.

Lao Securities Exchange Chief Executive Officer Vanhkham Voravong said that through cooperation, GMS countries could share experiences and assist each other in improving the quality of human resources, enhancing the development level of the securities market in each country and GMS as a whole in the context of deepening international integration.

Dr. Krisada Sektrakul, Director of the Market Education Center under the Stock Exchange of Thailand, said GMS-CMEF 2015 was a significant effort to improve the capabilities for securities staff and their adaptability to regional and international integration. The representatives reached a consensus on standards for securities investment consultancy providers and discussed standards for financial consultants and securities analysts.

On the sidelines of GMS-CMEF 2015, the GMS Professional Education Working Committee (GMS PEWC) met to discuss matters related to the granting of licenses for GMS stock exchanges to provide securities investment consultancy, the strategy for training cooperation, and the development of securities staff for the regional capital market.

GMS-CMEF is organized annually for GMS countries to share information and experiences in training human resources for the securities market, looking towards the goal of setting common standards for securities training in the region. The first event took place in Thailand in 2013.


Lan Ngoc