Forging revived in Phuc Sen

10:12 | 02/12/2015 Industry

(VEN) - Thanks to industry promotion programs, Phuc Sen forged products have been widely sold on the market, bringing craftspeople high incomes.

Forging revived in Phuc Sen

Head of the Long Chien Cooperative Long Van Chien (right) introduces his products

Phuc Sen Commune in Quang Uyen District, Cao Bang Province, is well known for traditional forging craft, which has been developed for years and transferred from generation to generation among the Nung An ethnic minority, said Long Van Chien, the Head of the Long Chien Cooperative.

The commune comprises of 10 villages, with eight being involved in forging. The Long Chien Cooperative which has four furnaces and employs 12 workers forges nearly 10,000 products a year and pays workers VND200,000-250,000 a day.

Phuc Sen has also registered more than 250 metalsmithing households scattered over local villages in addition to the Long Chien Cooperative specializing in forging sickles, scythes, plows and hoes (Pac Rang Village), hammers (Lung Vai Village) and knives and scissors (Phia Trang Village).

Phuc Sen forged products have sold well despite lacking a registered trade name. Phuc Sen forged knives, for example, selling as many as Da Si forged counterparts thanks to their durability and sharpness.

“We have begun to apply new technologies and equipment to forging with a view to improving productivity and product quality,” Chien said.

However, there are some difficulties with the development of forging in Phuc Sen related to labor force and design.

A large minority of young people in Phuc Sen have no interest in forging, saying the craft can only provide hand to mouth living while they want to learn other professions and trades. Moreover, most local smiths are unable to smoothly operate new machinery and equipment. “They prefer earning VND150,000 per day through working at home to VND250,000 per day through working for our cooperative,” Chien said.

In terms of design, Phuc Sen forged products are less distinctive than their alternatives in the market. Some galvanizing methods have been piloted but have yet to satisfy their requirements.

To promote metalworking in Phuc Sen, the Cao Bang Industry Promotion Center has support local forging facilities to participate in trade fairs and expos where they can introduce their products and extend the market beyond the north.

“The Long Chien Cooperative has requested the Cao Bang Industry Promotion Center to financially support its replacement of outdated hammer machines for better productivity, improving manufacture and attracting more local workers,” Chien said.


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