“Forever Magic” live show, a destination of kindness

08:11 | 11/02/2022 Culture & Tourism

Composer Phu Quang once said that Ngoc Anh 3A is the best performer for his songs. Whenever Ngoc Anh performed in Hanoi, he played the piano for her. But now Ngoc Anh settled in the US, then a few years of a pandemic, personal issues prevented her from coming home. By the day of return, Phu Quang has gone.

On the evening of February 10, at The One event center Hanoi, Ngoc Anh holds a music night called "Forever Magic". The live show is named after a lyric in Phu Quang's “Điều giản dị” (“Simple things”) song.

That is Ngoc Anh's message on her day of return. But it is also the return day for Hanoi. After many days of struggling with the pandemic, Hanoi decided to reopen, along with the eternal wonders of this city.

forever magic live show a destination of kindness

That is also the return day of Thien Nhan & Friends Foundation. Every music concert of Ngoc Anh in Hanoi in the past few years was to raise money for the surgeries of the Thien Nhan & Friends Foundation. The Foundation had to suspend operations for the past two years because of the pandemic. The doctors were unable to fly to Vietnam to carry out missions with children with genital disabilities. But the Foundation has decided to continue this journey into the second half of 2022, and the surgeries will go on again. Thousands of additional children will be examined and operated on, just like it used to be for the past 10 years.

That is also the return day of the child-loving souls of supporters. The beauty in music, as well as the beauty in the lifestyle, Ngoc Anh's music night, will be the meeting of souls who have accompanied Thien Nhan & Friends for many years. Live The One center - a place that used to be full of the laughter of events – it has been silenced during the pandemic years. Like the Binh Minh Group, every year, they have also support surgeries and organize music nights for the Foundation. And singer Le Viet Anh, always performs at every music night of Thien Nhan & Friends. Like Mai Lan, Nguyen Quang Tu, Khuat Thanh Thuy – the singers who are going to raise their voices with Ngoc Anh on this stage on the night of February 10.

This year Thien Nhan & Friends program plans for a tentative mission in October with an estimated 50 surgeries and other 200 evaluations.