Forever Green Resort, an ASEAN favorite destination

14:20 | 12/01/2016 Society

(VEN) - The high-class Forever Green Resort which has satisfied domestic and foreign tourists has been recognized as an ASEAN favorite destination.

Forever Green Resort, an ASEAN favorite destination

The Forever Green Resort ranks among ASEAN favorite destinations

According to the resort investor, the Aloe Trading Co. Ltd., Forever Green successfully surpassed hundreds of other runners-up for the ASEAN Favorite Destination prize to win at the ASEAN Communication Program 2015 (ACP15) event held in Bangkok, Thailand, attracting the participation of ASEAN diplomatic and commercial delegations and more than 200 regional enterprises.

This ASEAN annually rotated event aims to boost economic and cultural cooperation for prosperity within the bloc as the ASEAN Economic Community shaped up in late 2015, according to the ASEAN Communication Program Organizing Committee.

The Ben Tre-located 21ha and US$50 million-invested resort project was launched in 2009 and pided into four zones. Zone A has Quynh Hoa Vien, which is home to several botanical gardens, a 120-guest meeting room, a restaurant, a luxurious bar, karaoke rooms and a 500-guest meeting place. Zone B has a 4-star 60-room hotel, a spa and a wedding palace. Zone C and zone D offer tourists a broad view of the Tien River.

At the Forever Green Resort, tourists can catch fish in drained ditches, contemplate the sunset, go boating, watch glowworms, and go kayaking and jet-skiing.

The resort also has a children’s playground with colored spring animals, slides and swings.

The spacious modernly designed and constructed resort deserves the ASEAN Favorite Destination prize, given its impressive rural and romantic beauty.

According to the Ben Tre Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Forever Green Resort is viewed as a spearhead of the provincial tourism sector in terms of scale and scope of tourism services. The resort has contributed significantly to Ben Tre’s tourism development since it opened. 


Xuan Bac