Foreigners enjoy Tet, its customs and food

12:44 | 16/02/2018 Society

(VEN) - Foreigners living in Vietnam, who have already experienced Tet, the Lunar New Year celebration, are looking forward to the experience. Those who have not, but have heard a lot about it, are curious about the many holiday customs and traditions.

foreigners enjoy tet its customs and food

For Vietnamese, the holiday is a time to travel to family towns and villages to see relatives they haven’t seen for a long time, to buy new clothes, prepare holiday delicacies and clean the house to welcome Tet. For many foreigners, the holiday is an opportunity to travel around the country or just to enjoy some free time in the relative quiet of the city as it empties out of many of its residents. Those fortunate enough to have Vietnamese friends or co-workers can also experience the holiday’s infectious spirit first hand.

Antony Authan, an English teacher, has experienced two Tets in Vietnam and is looking forward to the third. Last year, he was to take part in a longstanding tradition of wishing for a good life, prosperity and wellbeing of the elders at the turn of the Lunar New Year. In addition, he was invited to visit a Vietnamese family on the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Lee Sang Joon, a manager working at a Korean restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 2, has lived in Vietnam for nearly 10 years. In his first Tet in Vietnam he was nervous when all the markets and shops were closed. However, he has since grown familiar with the preparations to welcome Tet.

Nikolai Bodnia, a marketing representative of a Russian travel agency in Binh Thuan Province, said the preparation to welcome Tet in Vietnam was very interesting. “During Tet, I have an opportunity to enjoy many Vietnamese dishes. Banh chung, a type of traditional rice cake for New Year, is my favorite food. My family often buys a lot of banh chung and invites friends to enjoy,” Nikolai Bodnia said.

Marco Karnot, a German tourist, felt fortunate to experience Tet in Vietnam with its cultural traditions and honor of family values when he travelled throughout the country last year in the days before and after the Lunar New Year. “Next year, I will take my girlfriend to Vietnam to experience Tet,” he said.

Lee Hyung Soon from E-Mart Vietnam has experienced four Tets in Vietnam. The Republic of Korea, China and Vietnam also celebrate the Lunar New Year. He is particularly impressed by the stream of people going back to their hometowns for family reunions during Tet.

Julien Brun, general director of CEL Consulting, said Tet is an opportunity for foreigners to experience Vietnamese cultural traditions. It is an opportunity to enjoy some free time in the relative quiet of the city as it empties out of many of its residents. He also said his wife is Vietnamese, so that Vietnam is his second home. “I like to prepare holiday delicacies and clean the house in the days before Tet. During Tet, I and my family travel to towns and villages to see relatives and get New Year’s greetings from friends and co-workers.”

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