Foreign visitors to Hanoi rise sharply during Tet

15:18 | 04/02/2017 Culture & Tourism

The number of foreign visitors to Hanoi through Noi Bai International Airport increased largely during the Tet festival with nearly 49,000 visitors in seven days, the Hanoi Customs Department announced on February 2.

Foreign visitors visit Ngoc Son Temple in Hanoi

From January 26 to February 1 (from the twenty-ninth day of the last month of the lunar year 2016 to the fifth day of the first month of the lunar year 2017), 604 flights landed at the Noi Bai International Airport carrying 48,886 international visitors to Hanoi.

Foreign arrivals mainly came from European countries, China and Japan, along with overseas Vietnamese coming back home to welcome Tet.

In addition, the airport also saw more than 600 flights carrying more than 62,600 domestic visitors to foreign countries during the Tet holiday.

During the seven-day Tet holiday, Noi Bai International Airport posted an import revenue of nearly US$8.7 million and an export revenue of over US$8.8 million with nearly US$2.5 million recorded on January 31 alone (the fourth day of the Tet holiday).

The Hanoi Customs Department said that more than 47,200 flights carrying more than 5.5 million passengers were cleared via the Noi Bai International Airport in 2016. The airport also reported a total import and export revenue of US$26 billion last year.

In January alone, Vietnam welcomed more than one million foreign arrivals, up 23.6% over the same period of last year and up 12.3% over the previous month, according to the General Statistics Office.

Theo NDO