FORE interested in training cooperation in Vietnam

16:46 | 13/01/2016 Society

(VEN) - The FORE School of Management located in New Delhi, India, has earned a reputation for its excellence in education over the past two decades. Over 3,000 students have graduated from FORE since its establishment in 1992. Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director of the FORE School of Management, spoke to Vietnam Economic News’s My Phung about the school’s interest in Vietnam and the strengths and experience it brings.

FORE interested in training cooperation in Vietnam

Dr. Jitendra K. Das (left), Director, and R.C. Sharma, President of FORE School of Management

Could you please give us a brief summary about your school?

The FORE School of Management is one of the best colleges in India for MBA programs. It has a highly qualified, professional faculty, modern infrastructure and other top quality resources.

We have a wide network of prestigious partner institutions to make the education we offer our students truly international. For example, our affiliations include the Rennes School of Business and Savannah State University, USA. Hence the latest international trends and developments are delivered in the wide range of Post Graduate Courses in management to meet the needs of students and the industry, including a full-time PhD program.

What would you say are FORE’s strengths in attracting foreign students in general and Vietnamese students in particular?

Located in the heart of South Delhi, FORE provides contextual learning and helps in the development of students as thinking professionals who have the ability to meet future challenges as tomorrow’s corporate leaders. The programs develop multiple skills including managerial decision-making, problem-solving, analytical reasoning, communications, creativity and innovation.

We are committed to the advancement of Management Education, Research, Training and Consultancy skills. As a non-profit institution, FORE has been working with industry and academia for developing new domains of managerial thought and education and contributing to building leaders for the global business environment, for today and tomorrow.

At FORE, student empowerment is an important feature. It has a highly successful placement programme for students graduating from the college. It organizes regular conferences and seminars on various subjects like finance, marketing, human resources, and creates opportunities aplenty for interacting with various stakeholders.

We are confident that our students will be fully satisfied with our high-quality education and training programs.  Our alumni boast many successful professionals who now work for global companies.

One very important factor is the high quality education and training at FORE costs much lower than schools in more developed countries.

How would you assess the potential for cooperation with Vietnamese educational partners and for attracting more Vietnamese students to study at FORE?

We see huge potential for cooperation with local Vietnamese educational partners, because the country is growing at a fast clip. This is why our delegation, which includes 35 professors, recently visited Ho Chi Minh City. We want Vietnamese students to learn more about FORE and we want to learn more about Vietnam, to learn from Vietnamese professionals more about the local business scenario and situation.  To further this process, we have signed an MOU with the local university.

To encourage and invite Vietnamese students to undertake MBA programs at FORE, we plan to offer five scholarships worth more than 90,000 USD.

We hope to carry out training programs here and strengthen our cooperation with Vietnam as a significant contribution to capacity building, which is an important pillar of bilateral co-operation between India and Vietnam.

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