Floating solar power: Energy solution for the future

09:41 | 25/12/2018 Industry

(VEN) - Endowed with interlacing river and lake networks, Vietnam has the potential and advantages to build solar energy projects on floating platforms.

energy solution for the future
An artist’s view of a floating solar power model


Solar power provides clean energy at a reasonable and stable cost, which decreases with the development of photovoltaic battery production technology. While solar power development requires land areas, economists say solar energy solutions built on floating platforms on lakes and reservoirs are a good choice for Vietnam.

Compared to conventional power solutions, floating solar power is easier to install and provides a capacity 10 percent higher without requiring rotary PV panels. However, high buoy transport costs, bird droppings and offshore equipment deformation are major problems in need of resolution.

Norwegian interest

The National Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (NARIME) has worked with other organizations to study and produce some equipment for floating solar power plants, such as buoys, anchors, PV panels, interconnection and power transmission equipment, inverters, and measurement and control equipment, among others.

A 47.5MW floating solar power plant is being planned by Vietnamese hydropower producer Da Mi, a unit of Vietnamese power utility Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), at one of its water reservoirs in the south of the country. The Asian Development Bank is now considering financing the project.

The Solkiss Company from the Republic of Korea recently surveyed the Thac Ba Lake in Yen Bai Province to prepare for building a floating solar power plant on the lake. EVN is considering construction of floating solar power projects on lakes and reservoirs, including Tri An in Dong Nai Province, Se San 4 (Gia Lai Province), and Da Mi (Binh Thuan Province).

A Norwegian business delegation recently carried out surveys in Vietnam, seeking partners to develop floating solar energy in the country. Asia Director of Ocean Sun, Are Gloersen said Vietnam is a high potential market, with rivers, reservoirs and lakes suitable for the floating solar power solutions provided by his company. The technology will enable Vietnam to install large-scale solar power facilities without affecting farmland and ecosystems in Vietnam, he said.

With abundant sunlight, the Mekong Delta and southern Vietnam are ideal places for installation of large scale floating

PV solar power stations.

Thu Phuong