Flight safety, top priority of VATM

16:05 | 04/02/2020 Companies

(VEN) - The Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) did a good job in 2019, fulfilling all assigned tasks, successfully operating all flights within its control area, and providing sufficient air navigation services on time.

flight safety top priority of vatm

Diversifying solutions to reach targets

VATM has acknowledged the importance of advanced technology and equipment investment, training qualified human resources and developing itself as an enterprise operating under the Enterprise Law and related laws of Vietnam, on the other hand, meeting international integration demands to achieve sustainable development, as well as realizing its target of becoming a leading ANSP (Air Navigation Services Provider) in Southeast Asia.

In 2019, VATM implemented many measures to ensure flight safety, issued instructions and guidelines and strengthened regular and ad-hoc inspections and assessments according to the Ministry of Transport’s directions. The Safety Advisory Groups (SAG) operated efficiently in compliance with regulations of the Corporation’s safety steering committee and SAGs. VATM issued operational regulations of the safety steering committee, and released a new safety policy in accordance with the actual development demands of the safety control system. VATM has completed developing 2019 safety indicators for submission to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) for approval.

VATM implemented aviation security quality control as planned, carried out demonstrations of dealing with illegal interventions in civil aviation activities. It also took the initiative in regularly inspecting and maintaining equipment, developed and implemented plans to cope with specific situations, especially in the rainy and stormy season. In 2019, the Corporation timely directed relevant units to develop measures for preventing and coping with storms in Vietnam, minimizing damages caused by storms.

Giving the top priority to ensuring safe, efficient flights within its control area, VATM has improved its capacity and air navigation services quality through developing and applying new flight control methods. At the same time, the Corporation continued implementing consistent solutions to improve its management and operational capacity at airports, ensure flight safety and minimize congestion at major airports.

Last year, the operational status of technical equipment in general was stable, while smooth, on-time communications were maintained to cater for flight control activities. The Corporation’s member units did a good job in technical equipment inspection, maintenance and repair and ensured regular and constant operation of technical equipment to efficiently serve the provision of different air navigation services.

VATM always attaches much importance to human resources development. In 2019, under a cooperative program with Airways New Zealand, the Corporation selected 14 people for an air traffic controllers training program in New Zealand. The Corporation also worked with the Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, a leading aviation university in Russia’s Saint Petersburg city, on advanced training for the Corporation’s managers, while cooperating with Vietnam Aviation Academy to train 60 air traffic controllers for air navigation facilities in local airports and air traffic control (ATC) units newly established in 2019 to ensure sufficient supply of air traffic controllers from 2021.

2020 targets

In 2020, while bringing into play its 2019 achievements, VATM will continue implementing projects approved by the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, further improve its sense of responsibility and generate strenuous efforts and be determined to obtain sufficiently or exceedingly its 2020 targets.

Specifically, the Corporation aims to ensure safety for more than one million flights, 4.53 percent more than in 2019, earn total revenue of VND4.43 trillion (up 3.94 percent from 2019), pay VND3.466 trillion in taxes to the state budget (up 2.4 percent), reach a before-tax profit of more than VND1.76 trillion (up 1.14 percent).

To realize the targets, VATM will continue doing a good job in providing air navigation services for flights within its control area, with priority given to improving performance-based navigation (PBN), standard instrument departure (SID) and standard terminal arrival route (STAR) systems in Phu Cat, Buon Ma Thuot, Tho Xuan and Con Dao airports, establish and transform traditional air routes to area navigation (RNAV) and required navigation performance (RNP), and accomplish preparations to exploit air navigation services in Cat Bi, Vinh, Van Don, Tho Xuan, and Dong Hoi ATC units, and the Hanoi ACC (area control center).

In addition, the Corporation will apply the Risk Analysis Tool (RAT) to improve the quality of safety classification; better safety control, commentary work, and experience learning activities in its member units; promote the ethics of safety within the Corporation community to improve employees’ awareness of mandatory and voluntary safety reporting; and efficiently manage and exploit existing and new equipment systems, well perform technical management and maintenance and repair of technical equipment in accordance with regulations and standards, and ensure smooth, stable and efficient communications.

In 2019, VATM provided air navigation services for 972,081 flights, 2.01 percent higher than the 2019 target, earning total revenue of more than VND4.26 trillion (3.47 percent higher than the 2019 target and up 10.41 percent from 2018), including a before-tax profit of VND1.74 trillion plus, (24.15 percent higher than the 2019 target) and almost VND3.39 trillion worth of taxes paid to the budget (8.13 percent higher than the 2019 target).

Dang Hien