Fixed points of sale: Double effect

10:28 | 18/12/2015 Trade

(VEN) - Fixed points of sale not only help consumers buy genuine Vietnamese goods of clear origin at reasonable prices, but also help manufacturers increase sales and create stable supply sources for distributors, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Ho Thi Kim Thoa spoke to Vietnam Economic News’ Phuong Lan.

Fixed points of sale: Double effect

Lanchi Mart Ha Nam has become a familiar shopping destination to local workers

You recently led a Ministry of Industry and Trade delegation to visit a fixed point of sale at Lanchi Mart in Ha Nam Province’s Dong Van 1 Industrial Zone. This was one of the first fixed points of sale to be built in Vietnam. How were things going there?

This point of sale is located at the entrance to the Dong Van 1 Industrial Zone, so it can sell directly to workers - people who have limited incomes and want to buy Vietnamese goods at reasonable prices. It sells a range of products such as food, essential goods, and local specialties, with Vietnamese goods accounting for 70 percent and nicely displayed to make it easy for customers to see and make their choice. Many sales promotion programs have been launched to stimulate consumer demand.

Notably, this sales point works under the guarantee of the Ha Nam Department of Industry and Trade and regular inspections by market surveillance forces to ensure that all products it sells are of clear origin. Through communications programs, it has attracted not only workers from the industrial zone but also other consumers in Duy Tien District.

So far, 28 fixed points of sale have been built in 23 provinces and cities. Has this met initial expectations?

Vietnamese goods have been transported for sale in rural, mountainous and remote areas on several occasions. The positive effects of these activities were undeniable. However, due to the limited duration of each sales period (five to seven days) as well as their limited frequency, residents in these areas had to wait a long time to buy goods. Aware of these limitations, this year the MoIT has expedited the construction of fixed points of sale in all provinces and cities nationwide, following the government’s guidance.

The Domestic Market Development project that was developed in conjunction with the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign is targeted at building fixed points of sale for all provinces and cities nationwide until 2020. So far, 28 points of sale have been built in 23 provinces and cities - this result exceeded our initial expectations that each province or city would have just one fixed point of sale.

The program for building fixed points of sale has been supported and attracted the active participation of local departments of industry and trade as well as businesses. The sales of Vietnamese goods have increased. Lanchi Mart Ha Nam for example saw a 30 percent increase in their sales after just three months. Meanwhile, consumers don’t have to worry about the origin of goods they buy from fixed points of sale. Obviously, fixed points of sale have brought in double effects to both businesses and consumers.

What can be done to prevent a lack of goods at points of sale?

Distribution businesses that participate in building fixed points of sale are financially assisted to make posters, stalls, shelves, and carry out communications activities, while manufacturing businesses are assisted to find suitable places to sell. To be assisted, however, businesses have to sell exactly what they pledge to sell in terms of both type and volume. In addition, they have to ensure a sufficient supply of goods to be sold at fixed points of sale within a minimum period of five years.

How will these points of sale participate in the price stabilization program in the run-up to the Lunar New Year?

A lack of goods for sale leading to price increases during the time prior to Tet in recent years could be attributed to an inadequate distribution network. This year, we hope this situation can be prevented thanks to the availability of fixed points of sale. Many distributors have now begun to stockpile goods for sale during the time prior to Tet.   


Phuong Lan