Five industrial corridors to be formed in Red River Delta

10:27 | 21/10/2016 Society

Five industrial corridors will be formed in the Red River Delta under a plan on industrial development for the region until 2025 with a view extended to 2035 recently approved by the Minister of Industry and Trade.

Five industrial corridors to be formed in Red River Delta

Electronic devices will be one of the key products of the Red River Delta

Industrial corridors will include Hanoi-Hai Phong, Hanoi-Noi Bai-Ha Long, Hanoi-Viet Tri (along the new expressway), and Hanoi-Lang Son (along National Highway 1) in addition to a coastal corridor.

Under the plan, industries will account for 40-42% of the regional’s total economic output by 2025 and 38-40% by 2035.

By 2025, the region’s industrial sector will have a qualified workforce using modern and advanced technologies to make high-quality products for both domestic consumption and export.

The plan targets to have products meeting international standards by 2035 when those working in the sector will play a significant role in research, design and manufacturing.

Major products to be made in these industrial corridors include electronic devices, cars and motorbikes, pharmaceuticals, garments, building materials and so on.

Measures to implement the plan include pushing for further administrative reform, attracting investment capital, encouraging supporting industries, training human resources, developing markets and fostering inter-regional cooperation./.


Source: NDO