Fishermen cheer as machine turns saltwater into ice

10:00 | 25/12/2018 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has developed a machine that makes ice from seawater, improving the preservation of seafood on fishing vessels off shore.

fishermen cheer as machine turns saltwater into ice

Dr. Nguyen Van Thao, general director of the Center for High Technology Development under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, said offshore fishing is one of the most important directions in the development of Vietnam’s fishery sector. However, preservation capacity of the catch remains limited due to backward technologies. Fishermen have to use ice made from fresh water to preserve the freshness of fish by distributing it uniformly around the fish. This cooling method keeps the fish moist and enables easy storage for transport, but it raises costs.

The machine that turns saltwater into ice facilitates seafood preservation on fishing vessels. It has been tested at seaports and on fishing vessels in Hai Phong. Scientists, testing units and fishing vessel owners have said the product meets its requirements.

Le Van Luan, head of the research project, said the ice machine incorporates a central controller with functions to protect and monitor system performance, to increase stability and extend the life of the device, including: overload protection, protection of high pressure, low pressure, and detection of water level. Users can easily select and adjust the ice concentration to between 25-95 percent, or set it at a certain temperature. The machine is made from materials that are resistant to seawater corrosion, such as 316 stainless steel and PVC plastic. The compressors, oil separators, condensers and other pieces of equipment have been adapted for use on ships by ensuring their durability and reliability.

Bui Viet Duc from the Vietnam National University of Agriculture said fishing vessels equipped with the machine can extend the storage time of fish on board due to the lower storage temperatures than those produced by ice made from fresh water. This allows fishing vessels to take longer trips out to sea.

Scientists at the Center for High Technology Development under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

are continuing to perform a state-level scientific study of ice machines with a capacity of up to 10 tonnes per 24 hours.

Thu Huong