First Vietnam firm granted US certificate for LPG cylinders

11:23 | 26/08/2019 Companies

(VEN) - Following its domestic market success, and with an eye to deeper integration in the world economy, PetroVietnam Southern Gas Joint Stock Company (PVGas South) registered for product quality tests with prestigious international organizations.

first vietnam firm granted us certificate for lpg cylinders
The plant producing gas cylinders

Recently, LPG gas cylinders manufactured at the Binh Khi branch of PVGas South were granted a certificate by the US Department of Transportation making them eligible for export to the US and most countries across the globe.

first vietnam firm granted us certificate for lpg cylinders
New certificate of PVGas South gas cylinder

The Binh Khi branch produces household LPG gas cylinders, and is tasked with developing a prestigious, safe, and popular “PetroVietnam Gas” brand. The branch was established in 2006 with registered capital of US$5.5 million, and a capacity of 1 million LPG cylinders a year. It is located on an area of 30,000 square meters in the Vinatex-Tan Tao Industrial Park of Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, which is convenient for water and road transportation of goods for both domestic distribution and exports.

The Binh Khi branch mainly manufactures LPG cylinders with capacity from 6-48 kilograms according to QCVN 04/BCT, DOT 4BA 240, EN 1442:2017 and ISO 4706:2008 standards (with independent monitoring units such as Hartford Steam Boiler (the US), Bureau Veritas (France) and Vietnam’s Center of Industrial Safety Registration Zone II); maintenance, repair services and testing of LPG cylinders.

During 12 years of development, the Binh Khi branch has continually expanded investment in improving product quality and human resources to become the leading Vietnamese manufacturer of LPG cylinders. The modern synchronous production lines of the branch with an automation rate of over 80 percent have manufactured more than 10 million safe and high quality products.

The reputation acquired by the plant over the years is attributed to its adoption of standard operating criteria and strict control of input materials prior to production. Key materials such as steel, valves, welding materials, and zinc are provided by leading manufacturers such as Nippon, JFE of Japan; Posco, Hyundai of Korea and Cavagna, SCG of Thailand. The branch also built a detailed quality control system at each production stage, which strictly complies with production processes. Its laboratory is equipped with modern and accurate equipment which can meet both domestic and international technical standards. The staff and employees of Binh Khi branch are professionally trained. Welders, test staff, Quality Assurance and Quality Control staff are trained in accordance with ASME and ISO 9712 international certificates.

first vietnam firm granted us certificate for lpg cylinders
An internationally certified gas cylinder production line of the PVGas South Binh Khi branch

The Binh Khi branch is also a pioneer in applying science and technology in production and business administration. Planning, production monitoring, quality control, delivery are all conducted using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. From the start, the branch has adhered to the Quality - Safety - Health - Environment (QHSE) management system to bring high quality products and optimal services to customers. It also creates a safe and friendly working environment for all employees, minimizes environmental risks and fully complies with Vietnamese laws.

Apart from the US certification, the PVGas South Binh Khi branch was also certified by the international inspection organization Bureau Veritas for its production line system, which meets strict regulations of the European Union in manufacturing Transportable Pressure Equipment (TPED) products in compliance with European standards (EN 1442: 2017) and international standards (ISO 4706: 2008). This product is permitted to have PI and UN stamps on it, and is eligible for export to the EU and many other countries around the world. Total Global Group (France) has certified that the Binh Khi LPG cylinder products meet its technical requirements in 33 countries and territories.

These global certifications affirm that LPG cylinders made by PVGas South are of international standards, which ensure absolute safety for the domestic LPG retail business, contributing to improving the PetroVietnam Gas brand. At the same time, PVGas South has also proved its competitive capability with other regional and world producers, and together with other Vietnamese enterprises it has integrated more deeply into international organizations that Vietnam has joined.

Ngan Luong