First Passion Week to highlight fine art of food and wine

16:28 | 07/11/2018 Society

(VEN) - Park Hyatt Saigon will co-host the first Passion Week event in Ho Chi Minh City with Turkish Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, Nespresso and Moët Hennessy.

It will be the first event in Ho Chi Minh City to gather renowned artists from various fields to come and share their passion for contemporary art and cuisine. It is part of the Park Hyatt Masters of Food & Wine series, a succession of sophisticated culinary and beverage experiences hosted at Park Hyatt locations around the world.

From November 14-17, Passion Week will offer guests many exciting activities including master classes by skillful artists and gala wine dinners by Michelin Star Chefs. Exclusive workshops wherein participants can watch and learn from internationally prominent masters in art, food and wine. The master classes include: Floral Master Class; Fragrances Master Class; Art in Fashion Luncheon; Wine Master Class; Mixology Master Class; Concerto Chat Master Class.

4 Gala Dinners with Michelin Star Chefs will be a special treat at this event. Every night, guests will be greeted by cocktail reception where they can meet the distinguished chefs, watch them create exquisite dishes through an open kitchen and share memorable stories with them during the dinner.

The dinner with Chef Paulo Airaudo on November 14 is limited to 70 guests.Born in Argentina to an Italian family, Chef Paulo has worked across the globe. The distinguished chef describes his cooking style as simple, composed of memories and cleanly delineated flavours. His restaurant, Amelia, received first Michelin Star in the gala of Guide Michelin Spain & Portugal 2018.

The dinner on November 15 with Chef Vicky Cheng is also limited to 70 guests. Chef Vicky considers himself as a fusion of Western and Chinese influences that merge to share an authentic story. As its Executive Chef and Partner, Chef Vicky led the VEA restaurant to win multiple awards since it opening, including its first Michelin Star, The Diners Club 50 Best Discovery Series CNN’s Best New Restaurants, and Best Restaurant 2018.

Dinner on November 16 (limited to 70 guests) will feature "New Korean Cuisine" at the hands of Chef Jungsik. Traditional dishes refined through the use of foreign ingredients and cooking techniques will mark this dinner. His restaurant Jungsik New York received one Michelin star in 2012, and its second in 2013. Jungsik Seoul got one Michelin star in 2017, and second Michelin star in 2018.

The Meilleur Family will present dinner (60 guests) on November 17. The Meilleur Family received the third Michelin Star in 2015 and their restaurant La Bouitte has gathered the highest number of Michelin Stars in Europe. It is the first time in the history of French gastronomy that a father and a son team have obtained the first, the second and the third stars. As Chef Maxime explained: "With my father, it is as if we reached the top of the mountain, with a spectacular view in front of us. A new life begins, with the desire to go further, to deliver a cuisine rooted in Alpine heritage and to bring exceptional products often unknown on our table".

My Phung