First motorcycle exhibition to take place in 2016 April

17:03 | 15/12/2015 Society

The first large-scale exhibition dedicated for motorcycle in Vietnam will take place in 2016 April, featuring 5 major motorcycle brands in Vietnam at the moment: Honda, Piaggio, Yamaha, Suzuki and SYM.

First motorcycle exhibition to take place in 2016 April

On the 4th of December, the organizing committee of the Motor show have gathered to finalize the details of the show. More information will soon be released this December. However, the show will certainly take place in April next year, a member of the committee said.

A motor show dedicated for motorcycle will certainly attract attention in a country whose population of 90 millions people use motorcycle as the main mean of transportation.

Initially, certain agreements have been made between all 5 members of the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry: Honda, Piaggio, Yamaha, Suzuki and SYM. Additionally, other famous motorcycle brands that are currently operating in Vietnam such as Ducati, Harley Davidson and BMW Motorrad  may also take part in the event… The organizing committee will most likely select HCM city to host the show and then Hanoi in the next, and vice versa…

According to a leader of a major motorcycle brand in Vietnam, the S-shaped country is a large tactical market with annual sales surpassing 2 million units. Many famous motorcycle brands have established their dealer network here such as Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha… while others are setting their eyes on the market very closely and will open their own dealers when opportunities arrive.

With such highly potential market, a motor show dedicated for motorcycle is very necessary as it will be a major channel for brands to catch consumers’ demands and deliver the products they need with the suitable strategies../.