First Mekong Delta district-level town meets 'new- style rural' standards

10:36 | 21/10/2015 Society

Nga Bay town under the Mekong Delta province of Hau Giang was recognised as the first district-level town in the Mekong Delta to meet all 19 criteria set for a 'new-style rural' locality, according to a government decision announced on October 12.

First Mekong Delta district-level town meets 'new- style rural' standards

Deputy PM Vu Van Ninh grants the government decision to Hau Giang authorities

Nga Bay town has 100% of its three communes admitted as 'new-style rural' communes with the improvements in the rural infrastructure system including electricity system, road networks, irrigation system, schools, health stations, and cultural communal houses among others.

The average income of the local people was raised from VND10 million in 2010 to VND45 million in 2015, and the poverty rate was reduced by 1.5% per year to 2.06% in 2015.

Speaking at the announcement ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh praised achievements made by Nga Bay town and Hau Giang province. He added that it is a huge challenge for Hau Giang to fulfil its target of getting over 50% of its communes meeting 'new-style rural' standards by 2020.

He noted that the province should mobilise people from all walks of life to join hands to build 'new-style rural' areas, contributing to a more prosperous Hau Giang province.

The Deputy PM also asked the province to build 'new-style rural' areas in parallel with boosting agricultural restructuring, applying advanced technology in production, and promoting connectivity between farmers, distributors, scientists, enterprises and managers to enhance the added values to agricultural products.

Hau Giang province now has over 22% of its communes meeting 'new-style rural' standards, exceeding the targets set by the government./.

Source: NDO