First made-in Vietnam 24-bit chip launched for medical applications

16:07 | 18/06/2015 Science - Technology

The Integrated Circuit Design Research and Education Centre (ICDREC) under the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City on June 17 launched its ADC 24-bit chip, the first of its kind in the country to be used in electronic measurement devices.

First made-in Vietnam 24-bit chip launched for medical applications

The magnified image of the ADC 24-bit chip (Image credit: ICDREC)

The chip is a product under the project ‘Researching and designing prototype image compression chip using JPEG2000 standard and ADC versatile chip for medical applications’ under the State-level scientific and technological development programme.

The 24-bit ADC chip converts analog signals into digital signals (Analog-to-Digital Converter) with high accuracy. The product is highly competitive and similar to those on the world market with superior technical features such as 24-bit and 18-bit effective resolution (ENOB), over-sampling rate - OSR 512, 8- input channels and operating voltage at 3.3 V. The ADC chip is designed with level 2 delta-sigma architecture and CIFB structure.

According to the ICDREC, with the ability to detect very small fluctuation with high accuracy, the 24-bit ADC chip is used in electronic measurement devices including galvanometer and seismographs, and in the health sector in electrocardiogram (ECG) and medical signal processing.

Prior to the ADC-24bit chip, ICDREC also successfully manufactured the country’s first SG8V1 chip and commercialised the product in 2014. The SG8V1 chip is currently used in the manufacturing of air conditioners, sphygmomanometers, electronic galvanometers, and vehicle monitoring devices./.

Source: Nhandanonline