First generation of Bosch apprentices graduates

16:00 | 21/04/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, today announced the graduation of the first 17 apprentices at Bosch Technical Industrial Apprenticeship (Bosch TGA) training center in Vietnam.  

first generation of bosch apprentices graduates

Bosch TGA is one of the first partnerships under the dual-vocation training framework of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (GIC/AHK Vietnam). The program does not charge the apprentices any tuition fee, and offers a monthly allowance throughout the duration of the apprenticeship with Bosch. Upon the successful admission into the program, apprentices undergo 3.5 years of theoretical studies at the LILAMA2 Technical and Technology College, and practical training with modern machinery and equipment at Bosch TGA. In the last one and a half years of the program, apprentices spent most of their time working at the Bosch Gasoline Systems plant in Dong Nai.

“The graduation of Bosch TGA’s first apprentices marks an important milestone in the company’s commitment to help develop a highly-skilled technical workforce in Vietnam. We believe that by successfully completing the program, which is based on German vocational training standards, our apprentices are capable of taking up specialist and managerial positions at Bosch manufacturing plants in the future,” said Vo Quang-Hue, Managing Director of Bosch in Vietnam, at the graduation ceremony in Dong Nai on April 20. The success of Bosch TGA demonstrates that a high-quality vocational training program would help improve employability for apprentices. Therefore, “we hope that the dual-vocational training model can be multiplied,” added Vo Quang-Hue.

first generation of bosch apprentices graduates

The Bosch TGA was established in Vietnam in 2013 with only one discipline at that time: Industrial Mechanics. In 2016, the program started offering Mechatronics as a second discipline to its vocational training curricula. The number of apprentices recruited annually is 24, at 12 per discipline. As of April 2017, the Bosch TGA has 93 apprentices, of which female apprentices account for 23 percent. The program is designed to not only equip apprentices with technical skills, but also prepare them for long-term career development by building up their social skills. All apprentices at Bosch TGA are entitled to English and intercultural training throughout their apprenticeship. Among the 17 apprentices who graduated in 2017, four had undergone exchange programs abroad in 2015. As of April 2017, Bosch TGA has sent eight apprentices to other Bosch manufacturing plants in Germany and China. The exchange programs offer apprentices opportunities to experience different cultures, learn to work in other countries, foster their ability to act independently, take responsibility for their actions, and develop strong teamwork skills.

In 2016, Bosch TGA received almost 930 applications, which was a positive increase as compared to 150 when the program first started recruitment. The year-on-year increment of applications is an indicator of quality for Bosch TGA. Vo Quang-Hue said: “More importantly, there is a shift in the public mentality towards vocational training, and this is really encouraging.”

Since 2013, Bosch has made a total investment of more than USD 1 million (930,000 euros) into this dual-vocational training program.

My Phung