First EV quick charging station put into use in Vietnam

09:05 | 22/11/2017 Industry

The Electricity of Vietnam’s Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) inaugurated its grid-tied solar rooftop system and put into operation the country’s first electric vehicle (EV) parking/EV charging station in Da Nang city, on November 20.

Inaugurating the first EV quick charging station in Vietnam - Credit: NDO

Speaking at the inauguration, Tran Dinh Nhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of EVNCPC, said that the corporation has made efforts to invest in, research and develop smart grids according to the set schedule by the Prime Minister and the EVN on developing smart grids in Vietnam.

In particular, the "Integrated research component on new and renewable energy sources" is important, aimed at reducing the need for investment in the development of power sources and grids, while enhancing the rational exploitation of energy resources, ensuring national energy security and contributing to environmental protection and sustainable socio-economic development.

The solar system on the roof of the EVNCPC building - Credit: NDO

The implementation of grid-connected, solar rooftop system projects, the use of electric cars, and the building of a charging station using grid electricity combined with power sourced from solar rooftop systems, is essential to make a real effort in finding alternative energy sources, as well as seeking solutions to use and bring clean energy to the public in the context of fossil fuel sources being gradually exhausted, Nhan stated.

EVNCPC's grid-tied solar rooftop system is automatically connected to the grid. It was designed and built by the corporation on an area of 298m2, using solar panels produced by Japanese Mitsubishi Electric, with an efficiency of 16.7% and Germany’s SMA inverter converters, with performance of 98.4%, providing a total power of 50kWp.

The project was started in late August 2017 and was put into operation in October, with an average output of 108kWh a day, meeting more than 10% of the average demand for electricity for the whole EVNCPC building.

Delegates test an EV at the inauguration - Credit: NDO

At present, EVNCPC is also deploying solar roofing projects for its power companies and will expand to the headquarters of each power enterprise under it and the roof of 110kV transformer stations in Central and Central Highlands in 2018.

On this occasion, EVNCPC put into operation two electric cars for EVNCPC’s shuttle service in Da Nang, in order to propagate and promote the application of smart grids and clean energy to protect the environment, contributing to enhancing the image of a green-clean-beautiful, and worth living in, Da Nang.

In addition, a charging station for EVs was put into use, capable of quick charging in just 30 minutes or normal charging in six hours, to fully charge two electric cars. The maximum speed of the car is 130kph and the maximum travel distance when fully charged is 160km.

The quick charging station is capable of fully charging electric cars within 30 minutes for traveling a distance of up to 160km - Credit: NDO

Kennichi Horinouchi, General Director of Mitsubishi Motor Vietnam, emphasised the need to develop solar power systems, while introducing EVs open opportunities for comprehensive and extensive cooperation between Mitsubishi Motor Vietnam and the EVN in the future.