First batch of Vietnamese dragon fruit on Australian shelves

09:34 | 13/10/2017 Trade

(VEN) - The first batch of Vietnamese dragon fruit have been exported to Australia by the Hoang Phat one-member Ltd Co in the southern province of Long An, after Australia licensed the import of the fruit.

first batch of vietnamese dragon fruit on australian shelves

Strict management

According to the Vietnamese Trade Office in Australia, Australia officially allowed the import of Vietnamese fresh dragon fruit, following the import of fresh litchi and mango, making Vietnam the first country licensed to export fresh dragon fruit there.

Being a demanding country in terms of quality and quarantine, it was not easy to obtain permission to sell fresh fruit and vegetables in Australia. It took nine years of negotiations before the dragon fruit were allowed. Vietnam hopes this will pave the way for other fruits such as longan and passion fruit.

first batch of vietnamese dragon fruit on australian shelves
Vietnamese dragon fruit are being sold at Australian grocery stores

Vietnamese authorities have advised localities to ensure clean production, while applying advanced preservation and processing technologies in order to further promote exports.

They are also urging growers and exporters to strengthen product advertisement and promote branding. Before shipment, the fruit must undergo vapor heat treatment, and the produce must be free of insects and disease and must not contain contaminant pollutants.

Active promotion

The first batch of Vietnamese dragon fruit, 2.5 tonnes, was sent to Australia by air. The Vietnamese Trade Office in Australia has been carrying out a series of activities, such as developing English-language promotional material, including short films, books and leaflets on Vietnamese dragon fruit, and working with distributors to put the fruit in the system. The Vietnamese Trade Office in Australia is also planning to organize a Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Day in Melbourne.

The office will coordinate with associations to implement a project funded by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in order to increase trade turnover of fruit and vegetables between the two countries, as well as a program to improve capacity and support introduction of Vietnamese dragon fruit into the Australian supply chain.

The Vietnamese Trade Office in Australia is negotiating to bring other fruit down under, hoping it will take less time now that Australia has opened its doors to Vietnamese fresh litchi, mango and dragon fruit.