dai ichi life vietnam and hdbank enter into exclusive long term bancassurance partnership Dai-ichi Life Vietnam and HDBank enter into exclusive long-term bancassurance partnership

18:49 | 18/05/2015 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - Dai-ichi Life Vietnam and HDBank organized the signing ceremony of their exclusive 10-year bancassurance partnership agreement at Ho Chi Minh City.
vietnamese bear heaviest taxes fees in asean Vietnamese bear heaviest taxes, fees in ASEAN

09:59 | 18/05/2015 Finance - Banking

The ratio of taxes and fees to GDP every Vietnamese has to bear is 1.4-3 times higher than in other regional countries.
bank ma deals to reach target Bank M&A deals to reach target

10:15 | 16/05/2015 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has drastically implemented the restructuring project of the banking sector with a focus on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals. The goal of completing M&A deals in the banking sector in June 2015 is being realized.
exchange rate adjustment raises concerns about public debt Exchange rate adjustment raises concerns about public debt

15:22 | 14/05/2015 Finance - Banking

The latest dong one-percent devaluation on May 7, though described as “unavoidable”, has raised controversy, because this will lead to a heavier public debt burden.
Soaring bank provision anticipated for bad debt control

15:43 | 13/05/2015 Finance - Banking

Loan-loss provisions of local banks are expected to mount up in the upcoming months to reach the goal of driving the banking sector’s bad debt rate to below 3% by the end of year.
overseas remittances increase Overseas remittances increase

17:38 | 11/05/2015 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - In the first quarter of 2015, overseas remittances pouring into Ho Chi Minh City came to US$1.2 billion, about US$200 million more than the same period in 2014. Increased overseas remittances contributed to an abundant supply of foreign currency to the foreign exchange market, and funded investment in various production and trading activities, including real estate businesses and other operations.
Ministry suggests increasing export tariff on tapioca chips

10:18 | 11/05/2015 Finance - Banking

The Ministry of Finance has proposed to increase export tariffs on tapioca chips and ethanol, considering their high demand in the domestic market.
taxi firms plan to raise fares after fuel price hike Taxi firms plan to raise fares after fuel price hike

11:13 | 08/05/2015 Finance - Banking

Several taxi firms plan to raise fares after gasoline prices were hiked by around 11% on May 5.
domestic credit growth climbs to three year high Domestic credit growth climbs to three-year high

10:38 | 07/05/2015 Finance - Banking

Vietnam's credit growth rate reached 2.78 percent in the first four months this year – the highest in three years, according to the National Finance Supervision Council (NFSC).
import tariffs on oil products slashed again Import tariffs on oil products slashed again

10:22 | 06/05/2015 Finance - Banking

Vietnam continued reducing import taxes on oil products, beginning April 4, according to the Ministry of Finance.
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