monetary policy in 2018 maintained vietnams macroeconomic stability Monetary policy in 2018 maintained Vietnam’s macroeconomic stability

09:34 | 03/02/2019 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - Vietnam’s banking sector provided the market with stable money supply in 2018 and strictly controlled credit growth to ensure macroeconomic stability. While credit growth was lower than the target set for 2018, it was more effective and of better quality.
central bank builds up currency reserves Central bank builds up currency reserves

10:03 | 30/01/2019 Finance - Banking

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has so far this year bought more than 1 billion USD from commercial banks to build up the nation’s foreign currency reserves.
growing role for capital market Growing role for capital market

15:55 | 28/01/2019 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - Vietnam’s capital market played a growing role in oiling the wheels of the economy in 2018, decreasing reliance on the banking sector and promising a greatly augmented capital supply for the economy in 2019.
standard chartered expects positive changes to the vietnamese banking landscape Standard Chartered: Expects positive changes to the Vietnamese banking landscape

15:12 | 25/01/2019 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - Vietnam Economic News’ Lan Huong spoke with Harmander Mahal, Head of Retail Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam.
lenders boost consumer loans at year end Lenders boost consumer loans at year-end

15:51 | 23/01/2019 Finance - Banking

Both finance companies and banks are promoting consumer lending to capitalise on high demands ahead of the country’s largest holiday Lunar New Year (Tet).
cashless payments an irreversible trend Cashless payments an irreversible trend

16:27 | 22/01/2019 Finance - Banking

An entrenched cash using habit and safety concerns are the main reasons for people not to switch to non-cash payments, a workshop heard in Ho Chi Minh City on January 15.
ministry calls for measures to speed up equitization Ministry calls for measures to speed up equitization

15:19 | 21/01/2019 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - The Ministry of Finance has introduced nine key measures designed to facilitate and accelerate the equitization of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) from now to 2020, given that plans to equitize as many as 85 firms in 2018 have failed to materialize.
vietnam learns from germanys experience in budget tax management Vietnam learns from Germany’s experience in budget, tax management

15:37 | 19/01/2019 Finance - Banking

A delegation of the Vietnamese National Assembly’s Finance-Budget Committee led by Chairman Nguyen Duc Hai has paid a visit to Germany to learn from the country’s experience in State budget and tax management. 
vietnamese banks expand operations in foreign markets Vietnamese banks expand operations in foreign markets

09:07 | 18/01/2019 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - Domestic commercial banks have expanded their operations in many countries such as Germany, Cambodia, and Laos, and they plan to increase their presence in other markets like the US, Australia, and the EU.
central bank issues roadmap for atm card upgrades Central bank issues roadmap for ATM card upgrades

14:53 | 16/01/2019 Finance - Banking

Under a new regulation, commercial banks will have to switch 30 percent of their current magnetic strip ATM cards – more than 25 million in total – to chip cards by the end of this year to enhance safety and service quality.
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