FIA and AIP Foundation to launch Automobile Association Vietnam operations

14:19 | 10/09/2018 Society

(VEN) - Today, in Hanoi, Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP Foundation) annouces the launch of the Automobile Association Vietnam (AAV). AAV was adopted by The Federation Internationale d’Automobile (FIA) General Assembly when it welcomed AIP Foundation and President Greig Craft as the newest global FIA member.

Offices will initially be opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and Hanoi with services offered to members throughout the country. AAV intends to become a leading membership organization in Vietnam, with a wide range of products and offerings.

Mr Nguyen Trong Thai, Chief Secreteriat of The National Traffic Safety Committee said, “Vietnam has made great contribution to make the road safer in the past 20 years, I believe, with the establishment of AAV, they will together with the goverment continue to increase people’s awareness on road safety, reduce traffic accident’s injuries and fatalities”.

The FIA was established in 1904 in Paris and today has 246 automobile associations and clubs around the world. Best known for Grand Prix Formula 1 car racing, the FIA also provides numerous motoring services, including road safety programs and roadside assistance. With a presence in 145 countries, and a combined 80 million members, it is a powerful voice for international motoring.

Mr. Mike Noon, President of the FIA Region II and New Zealand Automobile Association shared during the event, “Road safety and saving lives is a major part of our mission and so having the AAV Vietnam - founded by AIP Foundation, and with the support of NTSC (National Traffic Safety Committee) - is essential”.

There will be numerous benefits including discounted rates for insurance, travel and tourism packages for both Vietnamese and other global members, along with services for issuance of International Driving Permits for both Vietnamese and foreigners.

Roadside assistance, including car towing and repairs, will be carried out in partnership with leading car dealers and insurance companies. Towing and repair shop contracts have already been completed in 60 provinces. Members will enjoy a variety of lifestyle discounts at leading stores, restaurants, medical clinics and hospitals, including discounts at authorized pharmaceutical companies. Plans are underway to offer an AAV credit card, along with priority benefits for other financial banking services. A host of insurance policies including health, life insurance, medical and property insurance will be available at discounted rates. Mr. Greig Craft, President of AAV and AIP Foundation said, “Today there are nearly 4 million cars on the roads of Vietnam, growing by 13% per year. Modern cars for the most part do not experience break downs, but nevertheless, when they happen - whether a flat tire, dead battery, broken glass or lock outs, they can lead to life and death situations for you or your family. So roadside assistance is an incredibly important function to the nation”.

In collaboration with the AIP Foundation and the National Traffic Safety Committee AAV will be well positioned to advance road safety initiatives. All AAV profits will be reinvested back into road safety projects, member benefits and charitable activities. AIP Foundation will provide management oversight and governance for AAV, assuring professional and international standard practices for the benefit of AAV members.

Minh Ky