Festival promotes Ao Dai’s allure and grace

16:20 | 01/12/2016 Society

(VEN) - The 2016 Hanoi Ao Dai (the Vietnamese traditional long dress) Festival opened at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long - Hanoi on October 14. The Hanoi Department of Tourism expected that the event would become a unique tourist offering of the capital.

The Ao Dai is an endless story

According to the festival’s organization board, the three-day event attracted more than 30,000 visitors. After this event, the department intended to kick off a program to connect tour providers with fashion designers, aimed at creating new venues for city tours.

The Ao Dai is an endless story. The festival’s success is not only attributed to the Ao Dai’s historical and cultural values but also creativeness and efforts of designers. Making the images of Dong Ho pictures, Hang Trong paintings, Hanoi pottery, and other Hanoi characteristics part of Ao Dai works in the show, 32 designers from cities and provinces nationwide succeeded in promoting the allure and grace of the Ao Dai.

The festival also has a range of activities, including the introduction of the Ao Dai history, an exhibition of looms and textiles made from Van Phuc silk and Hoi An silk, as well as the flax-weaving of the Mong People, a children’s competition on drawing the Ao Dai, and a contest on arranging flowers on the Ao Dai. Professional models, famous artists and even foreign diplomats in Vietnam participated in the show, bringing to the audience Vietnam’s traditional culture and innovations of the designers in the Ao Dai. The festival also attracted researchers, collectors and artisans from Hanoi and other provinces and cities nationwide.
Hanoi Department of Tourism Director Do Dinh Hong said that the Ao Dai is not only a core spiritual symbol but also a unique tourist offering of Hanoi. The festival was designed to build Hanoi into a national fashion center, with the Ao Dai being a key product.

To make the Ao Dai in particular and the festival in general become a unique product of Hanoi, senior designer Minh Hanh - Creative Director of the festival said that each designer should be an innovator who is capable of creating his/her own language featured by his/her Ao Dai works. They should really consider Ao Dai design as a creative art.
Many travel companies also said that they are thinking of getting visitors to dress the Ao Dai upon tours around Hanoi, and help visitors buy the Ao Dai if they want.

Thanh Tam